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My coworker, incredibly talkative, confident, popular. with everybody else.

With me weird, nervous grinning, weird, doesnt stare,stares, smiles, doesnt smile, OMG!!


after more than a year, we've finally gotten down to comfortabe 'hi' and work chit chat, but quite honestly its still a mess. We're too shy and awkward to talk!


I saw him yest after 5 weeks of vacation, and for the first time,i saw him smile widely....he usually just gives me a grin or a smile.

It was genuine, like he was happy to see me. I was too.


But the eye contact is 0. Forget staring,now he wont even look at me.

except when i was standing in the corridor,he was like "excuse me" only at me, when i was standing with 2 other coworkers. i cud be imagining, but ive got nothing else.....


has he gotten past me? do u think he still likes me? coz im too shy to confront him abt all this! help

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well it sounds like he is interested at you, but feels a little down, because he thinks that he can't have you, hence why he doesnt look at you, and doesnt smile or anything...i'm a shy guy, and I did this with the woman I like now when she was all flirty with me...I could hardly believe I was attracted to someone so great, and yet I felt like I was overlooking her signals, and so I felt a little stupid and uncomfortable when looking at her, and well, when we made strong eye contact..TWICE, and had those 2 MOMENTS, I didn't smile...my body just got this huuuuuge rush, and I felt scared, or confused or something, I didnt smile, I don't know why...maybe because it was the first time i've ever really had those MOMENTS, but yeah...


If he's shy, and you are shy, he'll eventually make a move soon, or you will have to, I'd suggest you make a move...a shy guy knows that a woman won't make the first move if he doesnt get her missing him, so do something...if he's shy, he won't be an arrogant a-hole about it, he'll be really happy, maybe nervous, but very happy, he won't believe that you are actually going to talk to him, making him feel all important and special, he won't believe that someone as great as you someone he likes and is attracted to, is finally doing what he only dreams of happening...so why not do it! he'll be grinning from ear to ear, and that will make you grin from ear to ear aswell..trust me!


I doubt that he's gotten over you, so do something

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