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best friend's sister ... confused


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I have a very big problem.


I happened to have lunch with my best friend's sister last semester, she would always tease and pick at me, and I was like ok ok whatever, I never thought anything of it. At the time I had a girlfriend and didn't even think about my friend's sister. Then after I broke up w/ my girlfriend over the summer, my friend's sister began hanging out w/ me more and calling me to come over and hang out. I was like ok, because I was mainly coming over to chill w/ my friend but I was like this girl is out of my league and never thought it was possible to go out w/ her. Then I heard from her best friend that she liked me and then I heard the same from my other friend. I was like well it could cause problems between me and my best friend, so I was unsure. Then I was like what the hell, so I called her and asked her if she wanted to go out sometime to a movie, just the two of us and no one else. She was like well, and I caught her off guard.


Earlier that day she had met up w/ another guy that she kinda liked but he's like 19. Her mom wouldnt allow it because she was just turning 16. She was caught in a weird spot b/c she said she liked both of us and didnt know what to do. Then I saw her the next night and we couldnt talk to each other. I was like what is she thinking? Then I called her later on and talked to her and said I cant take it, I like it when we can talk to each other and have fun, I said forget about what I said to you about going out. Now I think abotu what if? I mean she never did say yes or no to me. It bothers me alot because I still see her just about everyday and hang out w/ her brother. I am hopelessly in love and I never did get an answer. Has anyone had this happen to them? What do you think I should do?

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I think you should find someone else.. Honestly, chances are, whoever you are with now, you probably won't be with in even a year or two.. and things could get rocky between you and your best friend if things went wrong. I wouldn't think your friendship with your BEST friend is worth that.

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Try to get back on a 'normal' friendship with her and see how things go, maybe she did want you but then when it became a reality to her it scared her a little. She knows you like her now so you've made your move, don't wait around for her, if she wants you she'll let you know.


And I agree chances are whoever you get with now won't be for life, just get out there and have fun while your young.

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Do what you want to do, I have gone on dates with my best friend sister. We never became a Item. The thing that made it weard for me is I have known the famly for all of my life and I am 5 years older then her. So it did not work out but I am still friends with her and the rest of the famly. So I say do what you want to do. Ask your friend and his famly what they think if you what to get more info or permision. Most of the time the famly and the best friend are cool with it becouse they know you.

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