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  1. Well I did kiss her, if you can call it that, I kinda shook her hand and leaned over and kissed her cheek, I then said "Thanks for a great night and i'll text ya tomorrow" I text her the next day at 1pm, didn't want to make her wait too long and didn't want to text her too soon and seem to keen. lol. Women are tough creatures to figure out, maybe she just didn't connect with me and felt to embaresed to tell me ? ? ? ?
  2. Well I knid of figured after our date that she would want to know how it went for me and if I wanted to see her again. Maybe I should of just said something like - 'I had a great time last night, I would like to see you again'??? But we don't talk anymore anyway, I spoke to my mum about it and she said it sounds like she was just using you for a night out.
  3. Hi Lily, Your doing the right thing making a man wait, A lot of people asked me before I went on my date, are you going to sleep with her? and I said 'no way' if she offers it to me, I don't want to know her, I think it's better for a woman to make a man wait, I would respect a woman a lot more if she made me wait as she obviously has respect for herself too. You sound similar to me in the fact that your not desperately seeking someone, it would be great if they came along, but oherwise your just taking your time, and when they do come along, you want to take it step by step and see how it goes. I think you're doing it the right way, and if a man doesn't want to wait until you're ready, then he's not the one.
  4. I have just left it now, we havent spoke/text for two days, today will be the third day. If she doesn't get in contact then so be it, it's her loss, I would have treated her really well too.
  5. Many thanks for your comments, I have stopped texting her, I figure if she wants me then she'll text me, and then I'll text her back. If she didn't feel 'the spark' I would really really just prefer it if she was honest, rather than go through this. Because she wanted to stay and have a cigarette at the end of the night with me, when she could of walked off to her car, I thought she liked me due to that. Who knows what she's doing?
  6. It sounds to me like this girl won't settle down with one person for a long time, she can't commit to a relationship at all, and at the end of the day, she'll be the one hurting. I 've just started the internet dating thing, and the biggest problem is, you don't really know the person until your actually meeting them, so you can't tell the way they act, or any of their manerisms, bodylanguage etc. I'm beginning to think it's better to meet people in person.
  7. If you ask her to share a place with you, she may see it as moving to fast or that you're just offering her help, depends on what type of girl she is. I don't think it would good if you're possibly just about to start a relationship to be living together, I think it would be too soon and I think you'd get bored of each other because you haven't had anytime to yourselves during the early stages, it may be great at first during the honey period because you'll want to with each other all the time, but then what after that, when it's all settled down? You could bring it up to her as a joke. If you're discussing getting a place and she says she needs to get a place, say she moves in with you as a joke and gauge her reaction from that. If she does move in, you never know it might be great all the time, nobody can really say how it's gonna go.
  8. Hi all, could do with your oppinion on this one. I'm 29 and after a break up I decided to give online dating a try, one woman I was chatting to via Email wanted to meet up, we exchanged mobile numbers and for a week leading up to our date we text each other every day and even flirted a bit too, it was really good, we got on well. We met up and had our date and we had a good time together, lots of fun. I text her the next day, told her 'I liked her' and asked 'if she wanted a second date somewhen' and she said 'yes' but since we met she seems to have gone really cold, she hardly texts, she's different now, no flirting, hardly any conversation from her at all, I thought after a few days mybe she didn't really want a second date, so I asked her again 'You sure you want a second date cos you seem distant?' and she said 'Of course I would love a second date, just been busy lately' which would mean she's busy constantly because it's hard to get into a coversation with her. I did think maybe she just didn't feel the spark, maybe she's trying to let me down gently. I know our date went well together, and at the end of the night we walked outside and I said 'Well I guess it's time to go home then' at which point she suggested we stand there and have a cigarette before we go, so I know she wasn't in a hugh hurry to get away from me, but she's just so different now since we met. I figured once we met and knew we liked each other, then the texting would be a lot more frequent. Is she taking it slowly? does she not really want to know? Girls what do you make of all this?
  9. yeah you're probably right guys, thanks for the advice.
  10. Well believe it or not, i'm 29, lol. I recently moved back home after a break up, there's probably nothing in it, it just makes me uncomfortable being touched by her. For instance if we're sitting on the sofa, and she goes to get up, well you put tour hands down on the sofa or something to push yourself up, sometimes she might slap her hand down on my leg and push herself up. it's probably just playfull behaviour, but I just don't want her to touch me.
  11. This is weird but thought I needed to hear it from another angle. The other day I was sitting on the sofa, the dog was next to me and my mum was then next to him. She leant over to hug the dog (in my direction) and just rested her arm on my leg, then she sat up, then leaned over to cuddle the dog again, and had her arm resting on my nuts, So I moved and had had a winge at her because I felt uncomfortable. Smy mum said my sister didn't really like phisical contact with her and neither did I and it was weird. I said I don't know why I was like that, but it's true. I don't like my mum touching me and neither does my sister. We had pleny of love and affection from her when we were kids and it was fine, but now she just seems too touchy for my sister and I. I had a thought, and matbe this is me just taking things too far, but I thought what if she touched us when we were kids but we don't remember, but now we're older it's like we don't like her near us. I know this may seem way out there and i'm probably just being paranoid, but can't understand why I don't like her touching me, even if it's her feet slipping down the sofa a little and coming into contact with my leg or feet.
  12. That's exactly how I feel about it to, for my friends sake, it would hurt his feelings loads if I went to his ex's party and hung out with her. I bought this up because someone told me I was wrong and my friend should just deal with it.
  13. Hi all (again) What's the situation (in your oppinion) when two people break up, we all used to hang out in one group, and now two of the group have split up, it's become akward. the boys in the group have always had like a pact where we don't really go out of our way to chat to each other's ex's, only if we bump into them, but recent events have led me to believe this is wrong. what's the general rule? can we/ shoul we speak to mates ex's if it hurts our mates feelings to do so? can you date a friends ex? what about all the lads in the group (except the dumped one) going to his ex's B/day party, should we go if it upsets our mate? Please help.
  14. Thanks guys, I know your right, I see it from her angle now, obviously I wouldn't of turned down the sex and she knew that, but probably didn't want it. If she had of been honest instead of just saying 'I don't want you to' it would of been better for me, but she is just shy. Many thanks
  15. Hi guys, I'm pretty sure you'll be against me on this one but I just want to get a better understanding. Last night I was lying in bed, my girlfriend just got undressed, while she was naked I commented on how beautiful her body was, when she climbed into bed I askd if I could have a quick feel (down below) I didn't necassarily want sex, but she said no, she didn't want me to touch it, I didn't want to grope her or anything, just a feel, I don't get it, she just said she didn't want me to, which I though was strange, we've been together almost 5 years, and I guess for a man, I see it as a way of rejection. We had had a nice evening cuddled up on the sofa, she just ruined it at the end. any advice will be much appreciated, thanks Steve
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