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Girlfriend Cheated on me with Ex, God, I beg for help

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This is killing me everyone , i guess ill start explaining.


When i first met this girl at my job she just had sex with her ex boyfriend the first day we both start working.Another guy asker her to have sex with her and she was about to do it until they were going thru me to do it and i liked her so i kinda of stopped his pursuit and made me the main guy.


Anyway we start dating and its crazy , we spend every waking time talking to eachother or being with eachother. I thought this was my soulmate. She told me things that happened to her as in rape and other things and her life so i may of thought thats the reason she came off so easy in the beggining.


Now for the bad things when i start talking to her she was always talking to her exboyfriend and i knew she wasnt over him. I begged her to stop talking to him and she would do it behind my back and i would pressure her into telling me and she would always confess. She told me that was her only guy friend and they were best friends but i knew it was more.Everyone week , every month i would find out she was talking to him behind my back and i was getting tired of the lying. She is a absolute liar.She gets kicked out her out house by her parents and i move out of my house making everyone hate me just to be with her. I soon start talking to this girl i cheat on her , she doesnt know but she knows something is going on. Now after all i did for this girl which is alot more then im writing she starts visiting her exboyfriend flirting with her and she starting like hanging out with him. She talks about her so digusting to me which i call him upon finding his number. And when she confronts him he just denies. She likes him for some odd reason and he doesnt do crap for her and i do everything and he has to nerve to go to him for support. Well we talk anf sort out all the problems and she continues to talk to him being more sneaky and soon having sex with him.


I guess what im asking was Did she like him from the start and never got over him since he dumped her and still had ex with her and i just do the things for her that she wished he would do so shes settling? I need to fins out what to do i have a hole in my stomach. I want to leave her but i love her so much its gonna be so hard for me to do that?

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This sounds like my ex; she left me for the guy she left me for last year. The lying about keeping in touch, insecurity issues, all of it sounded very familiar. The only differences in my situation were that I didn't cheat on her, and she wasn't carrying emotional baggage; she strung along SEVERAL guys throughout our relationship.

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