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I have a job interview for Supervising position....

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Do you have any tips to give me? Thanks


I have been a case manager for a non profit agency for 4 years. We work with pregnant and parenting teens. I have an A.S degree but position requires a BA which I don't have but I have the experience and I "know" I can to the job. I know the program inside and out.


Actually, the position that is available was my own supervisor and she was terrific but got sick and could no longer work. I miss her. My co-workers encouraged me to apply which will be the ones I will be supervising and I thought about it for at least a week.


The positions requires supervising up to 8-9 case managers. In the office is the program coordinator, his assistant, and 2 other supervisors. The staff is great and supportive. Other co workers say they have never worked in such a caring environment. I would definitely like to keep it that way.


That was my worstest fear. I stressed about someone from the "outside" coming in and not doing their job. So, the only control I had over that was to apply. Somehow I feel very empowered about applying even though I don't have a BA right now.


there are already 8 applicants and if I don't get the job, my evaluation is coming up and I know it will be good. So, it's a win win situation.


I'm still looking for interviewing tips and tomarrow I have a test to do. I think it is like a personality test. Any suggestions?

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A little more background information might be helpful.


Is it an internal interview, or an interview with a new company?


Be specific when talking about accomplishments.


Match the body language of the person conducting the interview.


Appear to be genuinely interested in the position, even if you just think of it as another job.

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Know yourself

Know your accomplishments and be able to articulate them

Know your weaknesses and be able to turn them into opportunities

Know your management style and how you would react in certain situations - you will almost certainly be asked about it


And finally, realize that the interview is also your only opportunity to get information. You should be asking nearly as many questions as they do when you are up to a management position. A good manager will want to know what they are getting themselves into.

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