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Hey, this is gonna sound really stupid etc, and i dont usually take comments personal like this, but for the past year or so ive been always pondering about my intelligence. I dont know how to explain it really, but im really very sensitive about because i go to a very competitive school, and sometimes i feel that im inferior to people, but DEEP inside i know i can do better then most people. Ive been called a ,retard,idiot many times but on a few occasions ive been called smart etc. I know this subject sounds sort of self-centered but i feel like im an airhead sort of and that people look down upon me and that im viewed upon as an idiot. My friends parents are very successful people . He is respected by many people, and recently (this is gonna sound really stupid) they said " wow i thought that he was really dumb, good for him he got that". I know it sounds like really dumb, and most of you are probably thinking wow just forget about it, dont worry. The problem is do worry, first because he is in the type of career i would like to be in later in life, and i take opinions by successful people very seriously. Sometimes people at school are looking around for help etc, they start going through people but whenever they get to me they go " Nahh nevermind you wouldn't know this". I really have no idea why, i dont get bad grades, i do well in school, i dont do stupid things. I have a feeling it could be because im a jokster. I know this sounds really stupid and that i have an EXTREME low self esteem because of my reaction to a comment like this, but i really dont... i think.

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Two words: Self Esteem.


Just from reading your post, it's apparent that you have self-esteem issues.


Being called stupid, f'in retarded, idiot, can really damage your sense of self.


Gotta work on that.


Until you know in your heart and mind that you're smart, no amount of reassurance from anyone will help.


If you want a resource to help you with your road to healing, I'd say find a counselor. They can help you pinpoint why you might feel inferrior.


Truth is, even having a high intelligence doesn't make superrior to people with lower intelligence. We're all born with the same amount of worth, and we all die with the same amount of worth.


MLK scored something like 700 on his graduate entrance exams, well well well below the average to get accepted to grad school. I doubt anyone who possesed "superrior" intelligence to him changed the world like he did.


You sound a lot like me. I always had a problem with my intelligence. I felt like I was dumb, and not living up to my potential. But thats really not the truth. I graduated early from the top engineering school in the US, and I'm the youngest engineer at my company, yet I'm considered by many to be one of the top engineers in my field. Even with all this concrete evidence that implied that I was smart, I still felt like I wasn't.


Working my self esteem problems really changed me. I was able to accept who I was, but more importantly stop really caring about being smarter or dumber than other people.

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When it comes to people insulting you here is what I think.


If it comes from someone you do not respect then the insult doesn't matter. I also don't really care what others think about me as long as I am happy with my life.


On the note of self esteem, yes you probably should try to improve it. Remember, people insult you to get to you and make themselves look and feel better. Letting it lower your self esteem is letting them win - 007 never let the villains win!


Intelligence is not about the amount of high grades you get. There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. I believe that knowledge on how the world works is more important than knowing algebra.


Do not worry about the grades of others. Focus on yours. Do YOUR best, not everyone elses best. There is no such thing as a stupid person. As soon as you accept yourself, the sooner such insults and problems don't matter


I was like you once, I put up a sort of "class entertainer" role, but eventually I found the me I was comfortable with, and I'm alot happier in life now.

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Lostinmythoughts gave great advice.


Just a sidenote: Please remember that intelligence does not have anything to do with personality. A brilliant person can be a jerk or more considerate of people's feelings.

IQ and 'people skills' can go together or not.


Some of the most brilliant people I have met had corrosive, hard personalities.


Another thing too, which sounds like something people just say but is totally true, is that there are many varieties of intelligence.


Find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and work accordingly.

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