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So I just got a call from this Army Wife that is stationed at my fiance's base and she's been helping me out with arranging rides pickign up from the airport and trying to find me a place to stay. She told me she asked and I can't stay in the lodging on base because I need a military ID... the fact that I"m his fiance dosen't count for anything.. or the fact that he was just seriously injured and could have died. I just want to see my fiance and they're seriously making it so so hard for me! I have to stay off base somewhere (i don't even know where) and then I have to find someway to get back and forth to the hotel and the hospital every day... which wouldn't be a problem if I coudl rent a car. But I'm only 21 and you usually ahve to be 25 AND I don't have a credit card because I got into a lot of debt adn cut them up once I paid them all off. Why do things have to be so hard? Can't anything just be easy?? I always believed in Karma but it just seems like this is alot of bad stuff happening to me, and I don't see hwat I did to deserve all of this. All I wanted was to marry my fiance, get down to Georgia and be a happy family and now everything is all messed up! I'm having a really really bad day.

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Hey shorty!


It's good to see you again.


I remember your story about your fiance.


How is he doing now?


It's a difficult situation you are in, I am sorry that they are not making this easier for you.


Can his mom sign for the rental car maybe (I remember you mentioning her)?


I thought about your situation the other day, I know it's hard, but better things are just over the horizon.


Hugs to you my friend,


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his mom won't be down there anymore. Most of the time with rental cars, you HAVE to have a credit card, and that credit card has to belong to the person that is going to be the primary driver in the car. I work at a car dealership so I called the people we use for rental service to see if they might be able to pull some strings for me. She said she'd get back to me tomorrow but I'm so stressed about everythign else going on I just need an answer so if I can't get a car I can work something else out! I'm just so so so frusterated right now! I'm trying to be strong but it's hard when I dont' really have anyone to turn to for support. Normally I would turn to my fiance but... we all know thats out of the question. He's doing alright. He said it feels like all his ribbs are stabbing him, because they probably are since they're all broken. He's in alot of pain but he's a trooper and will get through this. I just wish I could talk to him, but I have to wait for him to call me since that's what he requested... this really sucks.

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well this lady I've been talking to is capable of pulling all the strings she can... and she said there is no way I can stay on base unless I get one of JP's friends to rent the room in their name and get them to check in and check out and just let me stay there.... but then that person could get in trouble if anyone found out.... and I am not the kind of person to ask a favor like that, especially from people I don't really know all that well. I'll be able to get on base to see him, I just can't stay there.

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