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What is she up too...

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I have been hanging out closely with this girl for about a month now. We have known each otehr for a couple years, but were never really close like we are now. Anyhow, once we began hanging out more closely she began sending me signs, signs that would lead anyone to believe there was more behind this. One day I asked her what was going on between us, and she told me she simply enjoyed hanging out with me, I was fun to be around etc, she was only looking for a friendship. Fair enough I think, except these signs do not stop, they actually become much stronger. She reciently was on vacation, the last thing she did before leaving was text message me saying goodbye, while on vacation she emailed me every day asking how things weer and telling me how much fun she was having, on her way home she text messaged me telling me she would be back in so many hours, and asking if we could hang out today. Just before she left we were at a party and there was some intence flirting, we almost...almost kissed.. but it was interrupted. However we were both pretty drunk so I cant look too much into this.


Eitehr way, how am I supposed to look at this situation.

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Become a bit aloof. For example, do not always take her calls, don't hang out with her as often as you are, be a bit difficult for her to get a hold of you. This process creates tension. That tension is then released when you see her. DO NOT TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT HER.


When you see her, read her body language. If she begins staring at you, get close to her and bust a move. Good luck.

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