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Hi there,

A quick overview, I have been dating a girl for 3 months and she couldnt get over her ex bf and still contacts him cause she still loves him. So last week, i told her to sort out her feelings and call me when they do. Yesterday, i gave her all of her stuff that was at my house. I felt like crap cause i miss her alot. She mentioned that I should date other girls and tell her when i do. I said im going to. Im surprised she hasnt called and she usually does. I mean, i still like her alot and it hurts.

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another thing, when she saw me. I gave her the silent treatment and she freaked out on me cause she was wondering why i was so quiet. I said nothing and she still freaked out, wondering what was in my mind. So, I told her again that she should have some self control esp. if she is trying to forget about her ex. Also, very intelligent and has a great head on her shoulders. she texted me, that apologizing for being mean to me. Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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She has issues she needs to work out. That's why she can't be in a relationship right now. It really doesn't matter who she is struggling over.


However, she is not treating this as a breakup. It is. you aren't treating it as a breakup either... you should. Yeah... people miss each other sometimes. If she missed you enough though she wouldn't be thinking about getting back with her ex.


She needs to be single and stop contacting and allowing to be contacted by her ex, if she wants to get over him.


you need to move on. Don't tell her if you are dating anyone else or what not. This is a Breakup... let her know that you two are broken up... you aren't just hanging out waiting for her to get herself together so she can come running into your arms telling you how crazy she was for ever doubting the love you two had. If that's the fantasy in your head, you need to shake it and get back to reality.


The first thing I would be telling her is 1) We are broken up and 2) I don't want to hear from you again unless it's about wanting to have a relationship.


Hang in there...

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I agree with NJRon. you two deseparately need this time apart. she needs to get her head straight, and you don't need a gf who is still carrying on with her ex. like he said, don't talk to her unless she says she wants to get back together again.


in the meantime, keep moving forward.

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