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Stealing is wrong... but what else can I do?

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Hi for those who don't know me, I'm a college freshman starting next week. In my school there are soooo maaaanyyy more guys than girls it's ridiculous... Probably like 60 times as many. This brings me to my question: The competition is probably heavy... I mean damn, all girls seem to be taken... I mean in my experience, girls who are taken have ignored me and even acted kinda rude towards me when I try to "flirt" with them... And this is the reaction I've gotten from like 98% of the girls I've just said hi to or smiled at when walking on campus... I mean, I was surprised by how nice so many people on this city were, and then it turns out it's probably a very different story when it comes to the college girls. Anyway, Just today in our freshman orientation there was this girl, and she was sitting with a friend of hers and then two guys hitting on them. And during a short "ice-breaker" activity where you interacted with people of other tables I had a chance to talk to her and I kinda joked with her in a flirty way and she laughed and stuff, but it was pretty brief. Anyway I doubt I had a chance, probably either because she wasn't into me, or because she was interested on the other guy, or because it was too brief, I dunno. I mean only less than 2 years ago I tried to flirt with a girl for the first time and it didn't work. Ever since I tried like 2 or 3 times and it didn't work either, but I did notice I had started to get a little better. The thing is I'm still not that good especially if the girl's already taken... I mean, I bet if she were single I'd have a pretty decent chance... Anyway, I know stealing somebody else's girl is wrong, plus it's like what tells me somebody else won't take her from me after I took her from somebody else (sorry if you started to think I'm referring to girls as objects or something... I certainly really don't, it's just that it's less complicated to type that way even though with what I'm typing in these parentheses I make up for it, but at least I made that point clear)? So yeah I guess I'll have to wait till I'm old (yeah I know 24-30 is not that old, but it's no younger than 18, 19, 20, 21...) to have a girlfriend? This sucks...

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Ah yes, one of those schools. Are you an engineer by any chance?


I would suggest exploring the city outside the campus walls...You say that the people are very nice...so maybe you can befriend some of them and thus get to know some girls off campus -- ones who aren't being actively hunted by zealous classmates!


Also, keep in mind that the school year is only beginning, and first impressions are often misleading. (That said, many freshman girls I know are not worth chasing anyway, they're not willing to have a serious relationship their first year...Beware of those. Then again, many guys are like that too...)

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Well the november part sounds like great news to me then. As for the off-campus part: I meant people who are obviously older than I am... They were friendly and stuff. I wouldn't know where people more of my age group would hang out. BTW yes, it's an engineering school. I didn't know that fact would matter that much with all these people saying there are more women than ever in engineering, etc, lol. Probably because a couple of years ago there were only 2 or 3 then, lol.

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Also wanted to add that you CANNOT steal someone else's girlfriend. It's impossible. In any relationship that a girl is in, either she's in it whole-heartedly and you don't have a chance, or she's not and you do. But then you didn't steal her. You simply showed her that she wasn't happy with her other guy.

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Yo Stinkweed...


Don't give up, it's somewhat cliched but when you immerse yourself in other things, someone usually comes along.

Make as many male friends as possible too, because although THEY arn't girls, their sisters/out-of-college mates are/could be, etc. Network.


In the politest way possible, please avoid the sick, backward links posted to you earlier in this thread. Having read them, I can tell you that myself and many other girls I know will detest you for following such advice. (That stuff doesn't work. Not in my social ciricle, anyway)

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A cute article about freshman dating at Stanford Univ.


I myself, have been the victim of "the turkey drop." (but actually, mine was in october, not november, when I was a freshman, and my boyfriend from back home decided he couldn't do long distance anymore. *sigh*)

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In the politest way possible, please avoid the sick, backward links posted to you earlier in this thread. Having read them, I can tell you that myself and many other girls I know will detest you for following such advice. (That stuff doesn't work. Not in my social ciricle, anyway)


well I've never tried pickup lines, but the only girls I've seen those work with are not the type of girl I'd pursue anyway.


And I guess what Jayar said is true too.


It's been pretty hard to network. It's like people aren't giving much importance to those they meet cause they think they will never see them again. Know what I mean? So I might've talked to some people yesterday but it doesn't seem like it's gonna be more than just aquaintances. I mean, I myself thought I wasn't gonna see many people from orientation around very often but I do. I guess they thought the same way...

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