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How to make BJ feel good.

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I was giving my boyfriend a blow job one day, and I went too far down, hit my gag reflex, and got sick. So the next time I tried to give him one, I didn't go as far down. I didn't think he enjoyed it as much though. I was wondering, do blow jobs only feel good when you go all the way down? Or is anthing in the mouth good enough for them? And I was wondering if you can give me tips on how to make it feel good without going all the way down. Thanks.

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If you want it to feel good to him. First, want to do it. Actually enjoy it yourself. If you do it just for him to feel good, you won't do it as well. Second, the top is the part that matters the most, because that's where all the nerve endings are. Third, if you cannot cover the whole thing, get your hands invovled. Fourth, try to warm him up slow. If he wants to hurry, make him wait a bit. Fifth, when he is getting close, don't change what you are doing. If it works keep doing it.

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You got sick? As in actually vomitting over him =\


Haha, that does sound pretty gross. But I was able to make it to the toilet before it happened. It was definitly a mood killer. haha.


Thanks for everyone's help though. I'll keep trying, and hopefully he will enjoy it.

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IIRC you are mostly into hand jobs.




Nah I love BJ's. Before I had quite a few of them, I had no clue what was a "good" one. But If a woman only goes down to the head and that is all she is willing to do, I'd break out of there. OR retaliate with oral that is just as bad.

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