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sex, chocolate, hot tea (I like the peppermint kind) and sometimes a warm bath.......pretty standard around here.


I have heard that you should nix the caffiene a few days prior to when your cramps start and hold off until after they stop, but I am too much of a wimp to try that one.

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Oh sister, I can help! I used to get the most nasty, take-a-day-off-school-or-work cramps.


It is all about Prevention! PREVENTION. Not what you put in, so much as what you DON'T put in.


Track your cycle. A week before your period is due - cut back on salt, sugars, caffeine, NICOTINE (if you smoke), drink lots of water.

Day before period, if your cramps are truly nasty, take one or two tylenol - at night and in the morning. Follow up the next day. (ignore that if you don't use pain medication at all).


Marvelous! Helps so much.


I've also had success with some herbs, but didn't stick with it as I found a method that worked for me. There is a cheap chinese remedy for pain and stomach pains that actually works pretty good: Po Chai pills.

You can get them readily at asian markets, some drug stores. It's herbs, takes awful, but a good thing to have if you dislike other pain pills.


And, there is your basic lifestyle and health habits. Lots of water, good foods, exercise, relaxation, all helps more than you can imagine.

I tell you this from years of watching how various elements affected my period pain.

Stress can really add pain a lot. So treat yourself really nice.


Exercise mildly/moderately during your period, too. Sex - well, yeah!


If your pain is severe or your period cycles are irregular: go to your doc! There is no need to suffer, at all.

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I know it sounds weird but the pill called "Celebrex" works wonders for cramps.


It's actually an arthritis medication and we have never been able to figure out why it works as good as it does. If you can wait, the pill starts working within an hour and the cramps are gone for atleast 24 and sometimes up to 36 hours. If you want it to work REALLY fast, open the capsule and dump it into a glass of grapefruit juice or some other acidic beverage. It works!

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I once had excruciating period pain and I took a special pain killer for period pain called ponstan. The hot water bottle helped but I prefer I really hot bath, knock myself out with decent pain killers and after a sleep life can seem livable again. Really depends on how painful it is but don't hesitate to use pain killers if it is really bad.

Good luck

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