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I have recently met a girl from the net and we have been chatting for about a month, nothing heavy just chatting as friends.


She seems really nice and we share the same interests ect, she doesn't live to far from me so she asked if we could hook up!


Anyway, we hooked up today and my initial reaction was that I didn't fancy her. Shes not really my type but went along with it away...


We went for a few drinks and it went well, she was nervous at first but she soon opened up and we had a laugh...


Now this is my problem, as we parted I walked her to her car and said we should hook up again ( don't no why I said this as I have no intentions to ) as I said this she gave me a kiss.. just a peck on the lips as I didn't really respond... since the meeting today she has sent me two emails and a few texts messages asking what i'm doing ect..


Now I am crap at these situations, how do I let her know i'm not interested in her like that but think shes cool as a friend? I hate hurting peoples feelings and end up going about these situations the wrong was like ingnoring them! I find letting people down very tough...


So advice please on how i should deal with this whithout leading her on?

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i think your best bet would be just to tell her exactly what you said. becuase if you go easy around the edges she may not get the hint.

if you dont wana do that maybe tell her your extremely busy with work and everything else. i dont think lying is the way to go but if you must i dont think it will be the worst thing you can do. or maybe tell her you have a old flame that came back into your life. im not sure how far you wana go with that but if you want to tell her the truth, you can always say im looking for someone to be more intimate with and more romantically and i only see you as a good friend, but i would like to see you again as friends.. maybe something along those lines would work.

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Thanks for the replies....


God I hate these situations, I would normally just start ignoring them until they take the hint but I guess thats the cowards way out.


I have just recently really hurt a girlfriend by doing this and this girl seems like a nice enough girl so dont want to hurt her as well!


I have hurt a lot of girls in the past so I guess now is the time to change!


I would have thought she would have realised her self that in the looks department we are not exactly a match, I know looks are not everything but without the risk of sounding shallow they are important to me....


I think I will play it cool with her, and hopefully she will realise that I just want to be friends, if that plan don't work then I will just have to be straight with her if I can manage it.....


And yes we had exchanged pics, I also DJ on an internet station which you can choon in and watch so she had a good look at me.. ( thats how we met ) The funny thing is, the night before we met she put her web cam on and I was like wow, shes just my type but when we met she looked completely different and before you say it it was definitely the same person... strange!


Anyway thanks for your help!

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Jayjay, give me her number, and I ll sort her out. LOL


No seriousily you either have to tell her, or she won`t take the hint.


Either that just disappear off the face of the Earth like I did.


Although its not the best way, but you know when someone doesn`t reply to you. I think in the end they will get the hint.

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