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Closing eyes during sex

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No, I find it more weird if the eyes are open all the times. I think it was a saying of the Dalai Lama (not applied to sex though) to never trust someone who hugs or kisses you with his/her eyes open. I think it's normal that the eyes are open at some times, and closed at others. It can mean concentrating, but even more so, if you eliminate sight, one can perceive other senses better (that is probably why I listen to classical music with my eyes closed as well )


Why do you think he would be thinking of someone else?



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I was under the impression that women liked it when you maintain eye contact during sex, it reveals a deeper connection. Well I read that in a magazine a few months ago.


As with kissing, most of the time I do with my eyes closed but sometimes it can be hard to keep them closed. I don't think it is a real big issue.

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Umm girls tend to close their eyes quite often during sex, so maybe its not that sursprising. Having said that, men are more stimulated by the visual sense than women.

At the end of the day, I think it's very unlikely he's fantasizing.

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Girls close eyes while having sex with guys generally. I feel it's natural as the girls normally don't make eye contacts with guys, penetrating in their bodies. They close eyes sometimes to absorb the pain or sometimes with pleasure.

I don't understand why a guy should close his eyes while having sex, as it is very important to make eye contact with girl which helps in finding out how she is feeling whether she is comfortable or feeling pain, as some Girls don't tell even if the penetration is painful and like to avoid annoying the husband or b/f by telling that.

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