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% jerks vs sweeties

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nice poll!


All of them sweeties (5/5), even after breaking up... and no. 5 the sweetest of them all, no intention of breaking up within the next 200 years or so...


Have to say though, some of my friends have gone out with total jerks in the past - but they've all eventually ended up with sweet guys, so don't despair sweet men! Even the girls who go for jerks initially will eventually get tired of them and come looking for you

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Out of 4 relationships (4 years, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months relationships over the last 7 years, the last three were in 1 year hahahaha!), only 1 turned out to be a total jerk. I am still friends with the last two, one of which was longdistance, the other turned out to be asexual and couldn't have the intimate part of the relationship with me The first is a diffent story, he is a sweetie but made a complete jerk mistake and knows so. I don't think I will ever forget what he did, but I am progressing towards forgiveness.


However, all for the best because I have found new love



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I definitely hear about more jerks out there than good guys...and for some reason...women seem to have relationships with these jerks...


Not really, didn't lasted more than two weeks dating this cheap, loser with no future. Why should I date one with no education, while I'm in college?? Rejection list, lol. Qualities I would want in a guy, nice and educated one, respectful and loyal.

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Of the 5 major relationships I have had....I would say one of them turned out to be a jerk later on in the dating process, and to be somewhat verbally or emotionally abusive at times.


I still have occasional contact with a couple of the other exes as well, and they are great people - they were when I was with them, through the breakup and after.


And the one I am with now, is the sweetest, most loving, caring and respectful guy I could ever ask for And, he's all mine forever and ever...hehe.


Now, the one whose behaviour was a bit doubtful, it was not something I saw ahead of time, he was for the first year very sweet and considerate...would drive hours to see me when we had to work in different cities for a while, would email me and call me, give me little presents, was very caring and loving to me. He had many friends, and was well liked, very active in several communities and a "leader" in many ways. But then he started to pull away after a year or so, and became more verbally and emotionally hurtful - when he was drinking at least. Sober he was fine, but I think he had a lot of resentment that he only let come out when he was drinking (he repressed it rest of time). I really believe it was more so the circumstances of him wanting out and hoping I would end it, that caused most of it to come out. We broke up, and when we did he was again very caring towards me, minus a couple instances where he acted like an jerk, and later on was disrespectful to my new relationship. I would say he was stupid and idiotic and immature about handling conflict and relationship issues, not a jerk as a whole person. As Ilse said above, he made a few jerk mistakes...which was a thorn in my side, but I have moved on.



I have never been "attracted" to jerks wanted to date "bad boys", a big thing for me is how someone treats others, as sure thing that is how they will treat me one day. There are cases though where sometimes someone becomes a jerk, or only shows that side after you start getting serious with them, or after you break up too. People have so many facets, not all of which are immediately revealed or seen. I know many women whom were with the sweetest, most romantic guys....the same guys who would later cheat, or leave them when they were pregnant for example. People can sometimes change, not handle life very well, become that way when they lose interest...to justify their actions...I don't know, but I think it's rather uninformed to automatically assume "girls/women go for jerks". I am sure there are many men whom have had experiences with women who turned out to be not what they believed they were too.

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At one point in my life, I thought I was a pure jerk magnet.



After the proverbial midnight, I turned into a pumpkin and my princes turned into frogs with jerk-like tendencies! (Kermit, the lone exception)


I even intentionally started dating nerds or shy guys and--not to make a blanket statement--but most guys in my life find some way to let me down, more than hurt me. So I guess it may depend what makes someone a jerk.


Poll wise -- in the past three years: 7 of 9 were jerks.

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