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i like someone whos just a LITTLE older..


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soo there is this guy that works with me,, whom at first i paid no attention to,, but as months have gone by, i cant stop thinking about him!!! i mean , he isnt the hottest thing or anything like that, but there is something interesting about him that is driving me all crazy!!! LoL... n the sad thing is that he is like 13 years older than me!! well im 20...soon 21 n he is like 33. He is also very nice and such a gentleman!! its so hard to find guys like that this days.. Ooh, and by the way he has a girlfriend tOo, which ne NEVER mentions...but he kinda flirts with me and always tries to start small talks with me!! i feel confused cuz its wrong!! but at the same time EXCITING!! hehehe help!

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I want to only point something out to you. I don't want to tell you off, or call you trifling for even entertaining thoughts about a man who is "taken". Instead I will make only a point and hope that you can take it from here.


Keep in mind that a man who "has a girlfriend" but routinely flirts with others is usually a man who has issues in his already existing relationship. And instead of him working things out with her or internalizing things with her, he is flirting and possibly seeking answers outside of his relationship instead of internalizing what the problems already are.


Yes its nice and fun to flirt, but you are only going to get hurt if you go into this thinking that this man will be any different with you. If he can't handle her, and wont let her go first or even work things out with her first before seeking outside comforts, then its only a matter of time before (if you and he did consimate a relationship)...that when things got a little astray..he's look outside again. This is not about the other person (his significant other) sadly this is in his Character (if he is flirting and giving you hints as you said earlier). This means that instead of him taking 100% REPSONSIBILITY for his actions, he's looking to you for answers and temporary comfort.


This is a lose lose situation...think about it.

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