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how do i know if she wants oral?

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well, my girlfriend and i have had sex twice now and i would like to try oral sex, but i don't know if she wants to. she is pretty open and seems like she would be willing to try new things, but i'm not sure about this. I mean, how many couples have oral sex also? is it as normal as it is made out to be? I really want to do it, but i don't really know how to go about initiating it and knowing whether or not she wants it. also, do many girls think that performing oral sex would be gross or disgusting? i don't know, i just need some tips and advice from people who know more than i do.

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. also, do many girls think that performing oral sex would be gross or disgusting? i don't know, i just need some tips and advice from people who know more than i do.



What "most" girls think really doesnt matter. Its about your girl and what she wants. Why dont you just tell her what you want to do? she'll either be into or she wont. You said shes pretty open......

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When you're kissing her, slowly move down. Go from her lips, to neck, to her breasts, down to her stomach, and then kiss her inner thighs.


If she doesn't resist, keep going inward. Learn about what parts to lick and make sure to be gentle, especially if it's her first time.

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Well, to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, just ask! It might be weird, but if she doesn't want it, then you won't get have to deal with the awkwardness of being pushed away.


It's always good to talk about what you both want sometimes too. Then you don't have to guess whether or not they want it.

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As a woman I agree with Chai and not Cynder because it may just be a little too soon for her.

If she resists, give it a couple of weeks and try again but not so often that she 'sees it coming' as it will feel like pressure and she will resist the continuous attempt rather than the action itself.

Or maybe you could wait for her to perform it on you and everyone's happy

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I agree with Chai. Take your time and move down her body.


You'll probably find that when you are kissing her stomach and navel area she'll take a sharp intake of breath. If you hear this then she's expecting oral (at least that's what happens to me!)


Good luck and have fun.

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I agree with Cynder - we girls love oral. Personally, I can't get enough of it. I'm lucky enough to admit that I've never been with a guy who hasn't gone down on me ;-) But I'm also a hygiene freak. I always 'powder my nose' before sex. I think it's respectful to keep yourself clean and fresh if you want a guy to go south again. I also want him to enjoy it, as well as me. My suggestion is have a shower or a bath with each other and wash her...then go down on her later (not in the bath of course - you don't want to drown trying). Pay attention to the whole area, eventually focussing on the clitoris alone. Well, that's my suggestion anyway ;-)


If you're too afraid to ask, just head south.

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For a change I agree with Chai. You want to be pleasuring her and stimulating her. Hence you want to slowly kiss your way down her body. Before you start oral, pause and make sure she wants you to continue. Ask then and if she isn't ready, then just work on pleasing the rest of her body.


Or if you feel you have a relationship where you are both comfortable with talking about this stuff, just talk to her about it. Just remember to never to something unless she is fully ready for it.

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