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STD question- Herpes

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Yes, you can get it from giving him oral sex, even with no visible sores or outbreaks.


It is transmitted via vaginal, anal or oral sex, and studies are showing that it is not necessary for an outbreak to be present in order for it to be transmitted.


This means that you need to use a condom every time you come in contact with him sexually in any way, including oral.


The good news is they make flavored condoms, so you can have fun with it too.


Make sure you protect yourself, as you know it's permanant and there is no cure.

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In addition to what Hope just said, Id also like to add that there is medication for genital herpes that lowers the chance of your partner contracting the disease.

If he's not on it at the momment, maybe you could also ask him to go to the doctor about getting a percription for some, just to be extra safe

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There are many very good sites on the internet devoted to management of genital herpes. You really should read these.


Herpes is a shedding virus. Whilst a condom offers some protection, because of the shedding nature of the virus the protection is limited at best.

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The herpes virus is evil. There are many treatements available, although none will destroy the virus.


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That site has a fair bit of information, plus an extensive list of links to other sites. There are a few commercial products and drugs that may help. Start with Abreva and Valtrex.



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