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I am currently in a LDR with someone. I need some help here. An incident happened the other night and it was my fault. I really made myself look like a psycho fool, enough to make him question me as a person. He does not really know enough about me to know that I am REALLY not like that in person.


Anyway, we worked it out ok for the time being, but I have not heard from him in a few days. What I wanted to do was just not call him until he was ready to call me, but then I thought that idea was stupid and I left a message for him this afternoon. I am supposed to go visit him in 2.5 weeks, but am feeling really weird about everything now.


Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing?


Usually when I get insecure about a relationship, I will just see the person and it works out ok, but in this situation, I can't just drive over to his house and hang out with him. THIS IS SO HARD!!!!!!!! How do you all in LDRs deal with all this????

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It's hard to say whether you are making a big deal of nothing because you don't say what happened and how you fixed it. It may be that you thought it was fixed and he did not, or that he has thought about it since and still feels bad about it.


There could also be other explanations.

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glad it worked out,


being in a ldr myself i know how hard it can be, just try and relax and not let your self panic too much which is hard i know!!


ldr can work out, iv moved in with mine, it takes alot of communication and trust, good luck

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