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I'm 31 and just finished law school. I'm shy and get really nervous when talking to people I don't know. Anyway, I dated no one in the three years of law school and no one for two years before that. So I've haven't been out on a date in 5 years. I recently set up a date through an online service. Our emails went great and we met for coffee. I was really nervous and I think it showed. I answered as little as I could about myself and kept asking her questions. Anyway, despite this she agreed to meet me again. We went out to dinner. Again the nervousness, the talking too quickly the reluctance to answer questions about myself. I sent her an email the next day about wanting to see her again and she sent me one back saying "an old romance recently rekindled" for her and goodbye and good luck. I basically think I blew it on the second date and I took it pretty hard (I'm rather depressed at the moment). What I want to know is what chance do I have of finding someone when I've waited until I'm relatively old and I lack basic social skills. All of my friends are either married now or in serious relationships and I haven't been with anyone for 5 years. And if I take rejection after just two dates so hard, how am I ever going to make it in a relationship if I'm lucky enough to get into one. I'm starting to get worried that I've been alone so long that I don't know how not to be!

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