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I'll get right to the point here, short and sweet. My girlfriend is on the pill and we had sex about one week before her period was supposed to come. Then 2 days before it was expected, we had sex again, but she was off the pill. So we used a condom, but she missed her period. Is it likely that she is pregnant? I didnt think it was easy to get pregnant so close to your period? We used a condom and everything. I thought the best time to get pregnant was about two weeks before your period? What is the likelihood that she really is pregnant? I'm kinda worried here and a lil scared.

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the best time to get pregnant is about four days before a girl starts ovulating....but she's what..16?.. she probably has no idea when she's ovulating...


man what's up with kids having sex at such at early age..16 is still a baby..

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The pill stops regulating a woman's period when she goes off of it. It is a nice solution to the irregular periods, but it is not a permanent solution. The only thing that will "cure" an irregular cycle is growing and maturing - and even then some women still continue to have irregular cycles.


The best time to get pregnant is about 14 days after the first day of her period when a woman is regular and has the 28-day cycle. If your girlfriend was experiencing irregular periods before she went on the pill, it is quite likely that her body will continue to have an irregular cycle now that she is off the pill.


You used protection, and if you used it correctly, it probably worked. Of course, no method contraception is a 100% guarantee of no pregnancy. Stressing about it could cause her period to be late or not come at all - especially if she is irregular! My advice would be to take a home pregnancy test. I think you can take them a week after the missed period? I'm not sure about that, but I know that others on this board can give you a better timeframe for when a home pregnancy test would be accurate.

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How long has she been on the pill? If she started taking it to regulate an irregular period, it can take a few months to kick in and work. You should be using condoms for at least the first month or two that she is on the pill as a back up method of protection anyway, since it takes time to kick in and be effective, not to mention the risk of STD's.


You should both be tested for STD's before you are having unprotected sex. And be prepared for the consequences, since there is always a small chance that even with the pill she can get pregnant.


Have your girlfriend take a pregnancy test to find out.

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Thanks for all the help guys. Well she has been on the pill for over a year now so it's not within the first few months here. The pill has worked in the past for us and normally, with the pill, her period was pretty regular. Thats why i was a little worried. The worst part in all this is that she left to go to South Dakota for the 4th of July and I am here in Minnesota without a way to get a hold of her. So i am just sitting here waiting for her to call me with any new news. ITS HORRIBLE! But thanks for all the help.

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Oh, her period can be late due to stress, change in lifestyle (such as a holiday!). Really, I have had very 'minimal' periods when on the pill. And late ones that left me going mad. I think that if she was pregnant, she'd contact you, don't you think?



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