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I have been involved with my boyfriend for 7 months now. I am 29 and he is 42. He was married for 10 years and has been divorced for 3. Yesterday I noticed my boyfriend's wedding band in his car. I am assuming he wears it on a regular basis and when he comes to see me, he takes it off. I am not sure how to approach the situation but will not feel at ease until I do. I really need suggestions. HELP!!!

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I had to laugh at this (no disrespect). I divorced my wife 4 years ago. Guess where my wedding band is? In the console in my car. For no other reason than that was wehere I took it off 4 years ago and I just never bothered to move it.


Anyway, That is beside the point. If you suspect that he is doing as you say ask him. I'll tell you though, it took nearly 6 months for the wedding band mark to disappear from my finger so if he is still wearing it you should easily be able to see the depression of the skin on his finger.

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Here is the thing....2 months ago he came over to my apt. and he had the ring on. Apparently he realized it, stuck his hand in his pocket and took it off. At that point, I did say something to him because it upset me. It made me feel he is holding on to what he and his wife had...It just doesn't seem right that he now has the ring in his car. Not in the console but in the door handle part. If he knows how it upsets me, why would he continue to wear it????

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Tell him that his ring is a symbol of a past relationship and that if you are going to feel fully comfortable being with him, he needs to put it away in storage or something. Honestly, he has no business keeping it around. Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you so much for you 2 cent. You are right. If he is going to be with me, he needs to put the ring away for good. I have seen him wearing it once before, confronted him, so he knows how I feel about it. It's just totally disrespectful to me.

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