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my husband (future ex) just surprised me by coming over to take care of me since i've been sick the last two days... (please see previous posts to get a better idea of our situation - or just ask ) he came over with all sorts of treats and movies. he said that he felt bad that i didn't feel good and that he would make me something to eat.... then we watched a movie, and then he left shortly after.


my question is:

does that mean anything - like he may not be as sure of what he wants as he says he is? or am i just reading into something that's not there?

what do i do from here?

lately, it feels almost like we're at that "dating" stage of a relationship - with the late night calls, the little thoughtful gestures, the "call me when you get home so i know you're safe", etc. - with the exception of any intimate contact. there's also the facct that he really wants me to go with him soon to see a lawyer to start the divorce proceedings - he thinks we can avoid litagation and simply use an arbitrator...

what does it all mean?


what am i supposed to do?!

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I'm sorry to say this and I could be TOTALLY wrong but he may be doing this so the divorce process would go smoothly?


It just sounds too familiar when my friend was getting a divorce...he will do so many nice things to her and at the end of course he dropped her like a fly.

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I gotta agree with the last poster on this one. He seems to be committed to the idea of getting a divorce. He is probably being nice and considerate because he does not want it to be a bitter divorce. He still cares about you, but he doesn't want to continue the marriage...I'm very sorry but that's what I think is going on here. Try not to confuse kindness with wanting to be together. If he keeps mentioning the divorce then that is what he wants.

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yeah I agree, idk im not old enough to really have a strong opinon on that cause i've never been married however when I broke up with a guy he was really nice to me until I was over him and then he pretty much left the friendship, so it could be what he is doing, but that doesn't mean that we are right, he could be having second thoughts and not really know what he wants. idk.

but hey live it up lol.

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