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potentially ruined my friend's new job?

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hello, so today i decided to go with my friend to a local diner to get a job for her. The meeting with the manager seemed to go fine. However, I forgot to ask for easy ice for my drink and while we sat at the same table, I nicely asked the lady to fix my drink. My friend immediately called me out for it and said "I won't get the job now because you asked them to fix your drink cause we are sitting at the same table"  and then she made me walk home. 

i'm not sure if I should feel bad about this.. clearly i wasn't thinking straight.  Who knows if she will get the job. Was she in the right?



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Well ... she probably overreacted but I don't understand why you needed to be a high maintenance customer on this occasion.  It would have been a good idea not to bring that kind of attention.   

Still, if she does not get the job I doubt that your request for "easy ice" (whatever that is??) would be the reason.  

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43 minutes ago, sarafollows said:

"I won't get the job now because you asked them to fix your drink cause we are sitting at the same table"  and then she made me walk home. 

Uh, no. She is being ridiculous. 

Does your friend always treat you like crap? Why would you need to "geta job for her" to begin with? 

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5 hours ago, sarafollows said:

and then she made me walk home. 

She made you walk home as in she didnt gave you a  ride? After you made her company for a job interview?What a bad friend.

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I think it's fine to ask for ice.  That's not high maintenance.  I once walked out of a restaurant with my young son because we were regulars there and it was kid friendly (hard to find) my friend brought her sister with her (without asking me) and she was notoriously rude to wait staff -rude -not just high maintenance.  I ended up leaving because I didn't want the waiter to see me associated with her and I wanted to be able to come back with my son.  She could have ruined my opportunity to go to that establishment.  You did no such thing and I agree -if  you have to help someone to that extent that person likely shouldn't be applying to that job.  When I was 15 or 16 I applied to Dunkin Donuts and I went by myself. 

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Due to immaturity on many levels, there were several mistakes made.

Nobody should ever tag along on anyone's interview.

After an interview, one shouldn't become a patron, because staff can become miffed with a customer. Or overhear conversations between the interviewee and their buddy which could give them negative vibes.

True friends sometimes have to bite their tongues to keep whom they think is a valuable friend. Your "friend" did not hold back her criticism and punished you by making you walk home. If someone did this to me, she would no longer be my friend. I got miffed at a friend once for making me late to a concert we were attending. I held my tongue but in the future, did not invite her to anymore concerts. I made different plans with her that wouldn't result in me missing out on timely things.

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Ummmm....that seems like a bit of overreaction on your friends part. I would not think a request for ice would have killed a potential job, nor would I think a good friend would call you out like that? In front of someone else? That seems a little harsh. 🤔

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