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I was reminded that someone I idolized past away and I can't get it off my mind

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So before going to bed I was watching some videos on Youtube one of the videos was by this guy Armored Skeptic. I used to watch his content a lot years ago and kind of fell out of it. I clicked on it out of boredom and suspected what it might be about. I wasn't surprised by the stuff about the evils of Corporate America or Hollywood. I've grown to expect that kind of thing on YouTube what got me was when he started talking about the late Jason David Frank. The actor for Tommy on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As a kid I loved that show and when I heard JDF died and more specifically how he died. Well it hit me hard I remember Kevin Conroy passing around the same time strangely it didn't hit me as hard I think that's because KC died of natural causes well compared to JDF at least. Honestly, it's more that I cannot fathom how JDF could end it like he did.

Yes he was going through a tough time, but all we go through hard times at one point or another. I kept coming across videos and still do of fans talking about what it was like to meet him. Some would talk about how he was Tommy or the embodiment of what they perceived Tommy to be. I think the most important thing we can do is not forget that everyone is human and is not invincible we never no what another person is going through.

Still even now after all these months when I think about his passing it really gets to me and I never even met the guy. I feel like I'm a little bit foolish feeling so strongly about a stranger, but I guess it's more to do with how big of an impact Power Rangers had on me as a kid.

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How about channeling your energy into volunteering for a cause he supported -or -it sounds like he committed suicide? - perhaps doing your part to help those who are suffering. Or -do any of the surviving actors from that show support a cause you might be able to support?

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Skeptic felt hard as well. His ex is doing pretty good but him not so much from what Ive heard. I watched their movie reviews when they were together.

Tommy was a good one. Shame about what happened. I think there is something to be said about the idols. And the impact they have especially on younger population. So its not really foolish to feel so strongly about it. When somebody you idolized as a kid died.

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