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HELP with recently purchased BMW

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I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask for advice...

I purchased a certified pre-owned 2022 model BMW 330i in March this year. The car had around 9000 miles on it when I purchased

Initially everything was fine but then I started hearing noises coming from the top at the roof area. I also started hearing faint noise coming near the rear view mirror area. This faint noise is like the sparking sound when wires touch each other

I took it to a service center near my place (not the service center of the dealer from where I purchased the vehicle. It is far and they also do not give loaner cars). The technicians inspected my car and found that lot of work was done on the car's roof and that is what is causing the issue I am facing. They refused to do any work on the car because this was done BEFORE I purchased the car and asked me to go back and talk to the dealer

I was NOT informed about this major roof work when I was considering to purchase the vehicle. CarFax is also not showing this. I feel cheated by the dealership as they did not reveal this to me

I do not feel safe driving the vehicle. I explained all of this to the dealer and he is just not answering me

Ideally I want to return back the car. What are my options here? The dealer is not responding to my emails


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7 minutes ago, SilverFactory said:

I purchased a certified pre-owned 2022 model BMW 330i in March The dealer is not responding to my email

Read up on lemon laws. Contact an attorney in your jurisdiction. Perhaps write a letter to corporate BMW. Especially if this vehicle is somehow certified as a used car by BMW.

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Absolutely take your car back to where you’d purchased with the diagnostics. Good on you for taking it somewhere other than purchasing location. If they don’t respond, let them know you’re seeking legal counsel. The right letterhead can often get things in motion. 

Fun bmw story. About 6 years ago I had a similar noise coming from my X5, and then sunroof was intermittently not working. I took it to the dealership that day. The final answer… new sunroof. Thankfully I had negotiated/paid for an extensive warranty contract with Easy Care) because this next bit is a doozy. The sunroof cost  was $8,000. However, easy care covered that cost - minus deductible. 

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Get your car professionally inspected by a reputable mechanic and present this inspection report to the dealer in person.  Hopefully, you can rectify this situation or perhaps take legal action if necessary.  I hope it works out for you though!

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Thanks everyone for the responses

The car is under warranty

I went to the dealer and spoke to the manager. He was rude and dismissive and didn't even want to hear me. He was like "we fixed the car, certified it, and only after that we sold it to you. what are you asking us to do now?? what do you want my technicians to do??"

I was honestly appalled.. after I completely described the problem he said "Ok I will help you.. drop off the car next week" but it was very very clear to me and my friend that came with me that he is not going to do anything. They will just do a simple drive around on the smooth road near them and say we could not reproduce the issue. They know very well that the work they did on the rooftop before selling the vehicle is what is causing the issue but they do not want to deal with it now that they have sold the car to me

I feel very confused now.. I know for sure that these guys are not going to fix the issue. I also read several reviews online about this dealership and there are so many negative reviews. I am actually considering a loss of around 20K and just trade-in this car and buy a new BMW.. but again it is 20K loss for something that I did not do.. I don't know what my options are at this point

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1 hour ago, SilverFactory said:

The car is under warranty

Well then you have some recourse, even if this particular dealership is full of shysters.

Lemon laws vary by state/jurisdiction so look that up first. Then research attorneys who specialize in this.

There are remedies for this kind of dispute. If you can get another independent mechanic to verify your findings about the issue that would be another good place to start. 

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44 minutes ago, shouldhavelearned said:

If under warranty you might be able to go to a different dealer

Call around and ask questions

Document it all and be ready to hold firm 

I already did that. They genuinely wanted to help but the moment they found that the dealer that I had purchased the car from had tampered with the roof they said they cannot do anything and asked me to go that dealer. They said the issue is happening because of what they did so I have to go to them only

If things like engine, transmission etc are causing issues any BMW service center can fix it because the car is still under warranty. But for things like sunroof being tampered with they cannot fix

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