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  1. Thanks. That's what I am suspecting as well
  2. UPDATE: After 7 months of this incident she sent me a text today morning asking me how I was doing. I am not sure why she is suddenly texting me.. I haven't responded yet as I feel a bit confused. What are your thoughts on this? Below is the OP:
  3. Even if she had given an alternative date it still does not mean much. I just had a similar thing happen to me. In my case she cancelled the 1st date and offered to meet next weekend but that never happened. She had met some one else. Usually the 1st date getting cancelled is not a good sign. May I ask how old you and she are?
  4. Thanks fio Yes, I am planning to take a break from the dating apps and do some introspection.
  5. or you could also PM me because I don't want people to think that I am deliberately trying to keep extending my thread.
  6. The events like I find a woman attractive and she reciprocates my interest but it goes nowhere. Those are the type of events I am referring to. Other than online dating this bad luck also happens when I tried speed dating, singles events, when I was in grad school etc. I realize you keep mentioning the other 2 women but honestly why would I waste their time or mine if I am not attracted to them? Do you go out with every man that asks you on a date even when you don't find them attractive?
  7. This is my honest reason for asking that question. I know you will say that I am self deprecating again but you asked me a question and I am answering it. I asked because I consider myself as a low value person. Not once in my life the thought of "I am a good catch" crossed my mind. Ever! It is always "will at least this girl respond? oh she stopped communicating, oh she cancelled the date, why do such things keep happening to me, .." Even with the recent woman I wrote about I was surprised when she responded and gave me her number and agreed to the date. and of course she ended up
  8. No.. I am not. I just felt like if this additional information matters or not.
  9. My apologies, but I did not mention something. I did not do it deliberately but just thought it was not important. I have seen this woman on the site around 2 years ago and sent her a message. She read it and did not respond. Back then also I was very excited about her and was bummed that she did not respond. Then she left the site and I did not see her again.. 2 years later now I saw her again and felt excited again. For a moment I was wondering if I should message her again when she did not respond previously but I took a chance and sent the message.. and then the rest of the things ha
  10. Oh ok. I haven't read the whole thread yet. I noticed that you described yourself as a catch in the original post and wanted to ask you about it.
  11. Are you considered a second choice even though you and her never met?
  12. I completely missed this: What does that mean? She made a mistake by choosing to chat with me?
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