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Hello I am new to this forum and I am devastated and heartbroken.My 22 yr old son told me he Hates Me and wants me out of his life.I really thought we were getting closer,but I've shouldve known better.Im here today to say I really need someone to talk to about this matter.There is more to this story but I cant talk about right now.I have told my husband this,and he didnt say anything to him.He told me to MOVE OUT.Im completely shattered.

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That is heartbreaking. 

Why do you say you two were "getting closer"? Aren't mothers and sons close? Did something happen to cause the two of you to grow apart?

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2 hours ago, Honeysuckle said:

My 22 yr old son told me he Hates Me and wants me out of his life. He told me to MOVE OUT.

Sorry to hear this. Are you married and living with your husband and son? 

Does your son have untreated mental health or drug problems? If he becomes abusive call the police and have him removed from the house. 

I'm confused. How can your son tell you to move out? 

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Sorry you are having troubles with your son 😕 

I have 4 and one is always so challenging- moods etc. He has his days & have to bite my tongue a lot.

He's asked you to move out? You living with him?

Sometimes we do 'need our own space', as he has reached adulthood...

As wiseman asked, does he have mental health issue's?

Sadly, there is only so much a parent can do..((hugs)).

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