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i want no exchanges. i want no trouble. i literally want to just sit in peace, since she is more extroverted than i am, she can't sit still by herself, she likes to involve people. and now that we cannot go out anywhere, i am the people. another example is giving instructions. she is very demanding and likes to issue orders and follows up with the orders like INSTANTLY and i simply cannot accept that. if the world ran on a whim, then we wouldn't be having problems would we. we are adults, i have wants and needs just like her. when i want something i go and get it myself. or make it happen. but her, no, she likes to ask people to do things for her and uses the "girl" cover as this is a guy thing to do. and i don't buy that. i respect women, and i believe if they want equality, they should put in the effort themselves and stop relying on others to do the work for them.


personally, i do not like the princess-y type girls to begin with, and she has a lot of those tendencies. maybe that's where the problem lies.


None of my post had anything to do with what you like. Or what you approve of. It was focused on getting along.


Reread it, and if you're not willing to step up to be the adult in your relationship instead of complaining about your sister, then there you are.

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