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Thanks to all who replied-problem solved.

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Many of you replied to previous posts, I solved my problem.


While the advice received was good advice, it comes from people who only know what I posted and don't actually know me, perhaps that is why I posted here.


Those who know me well, know that I am a contrarian, thus, i ignored all the advice I asked for here and did it my way.


Yesterday, I ran into my ex taking a break under a tree with no one around, not near his work and not near another human being, which was the perfect opportunity to say to him F.U. G-------, without disparaging him in front of others. I used the very words which made the wimpy loser leave in the first place.


I completely disregarded the advice I asked for here, most of which was do not contact him but that is not like me at all. I could not find a way to go no contact until I was no longer angry. Once I said FU to him, it seemed as if I could see all of the anger just floating away. I will have no problem now with going no contact and anger is gone.


I was close to this end before I posted to you but still highly frustrated by all of it, now it is gone. I can move on. Though I did not follow conventional wisdom, I seldom do, your advice was the needed kick in the butt for me.



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Wiseman, she did, she cussed him out and called him the N word. He wants nothing to do with her at this point and she's angry he's not accepting her apology or apologizing to her. So instead of being an adult and leaving it alone and healing she finds him to verbally attack him again. At this point she's harassing him. If he was smart he'd get an order of protection. This is an episode of 48 hours waiting to happen.

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Just because I did not follow the advice here, I considered all of it, good and bad. I don't usually follow convention and societal norms, It gave me a different perspective than those close to me give.


I'm not going to guarantee emotions won't come up again but I know for a fact that this time, when I said it, so much was released from me. I always hang on and beat a dead horse way too long and now I just don't care any more.


I knew the anger was coming to an end but was still lingering, clearly all of you saw that. The final F.U. just felt empowering and it felt like closure.

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