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I lost my soulmate and it's making me hurt my boyfriend


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My soulmate killed himself awhile back, ever since I've been throwing myself into a new relationship as soon as one ended. This i know isn't healthy and i know that, each relationship ended in the same way, me being too distant, too sad and just stress causing. I have finally meet the person i want to spend my life with, but i cause him so much stress and lately I've been reminded of my soulmate so much and I've been neglecting my boyfriend. Should i tell him? Should i force myself to be okay? its been about 4 years...it's killing me and i know it's killing him and he wants to help but it obviously makes me worse and it's a bad downward slope and i don't want our relationship to end. But it already seems like I've ruined it..will telling him save this or help or just make this worse? I guess what i'm actually asking is, how do i not grieve and be constantly sad?

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You cannot replace someone with someone else, it just does not work.


You need to be honest with yourself and with your boyfriend. You need grief counselling and time to heal before you get involved seriously with anyone. Taking time to heal properly can still take years.

You need to be okay with being alone and to focus on self healing instead of trying to replace lost love with someone else.


It is possible to work through this, but it needs to be done the right way and without hurting others.

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