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  1. I've gone to doctors my parents found out two years ago, I'm not exactly close with them. All the doctors did was say get a therapist, which we didn't do because I never took it serious because it wasn't like I did it all the time just when things got too stressful, I have slot of bullying going on at school right now which I'm trying to handle, I've talked to the councilor but no one can help.
  2. I don't know how to explain it, it's a thing with my family's religious beliefs, we were destine to be with eachother, like arranged marriage.
  3. I started cutting when I was about 7 or 8, my older cousin was doing it and I was getting bullied so I tried. I'm now 15, and well I've been 'clean' per say since August. But anytime I get sad or stressed or anxious(I'm diagnosed with anxiety and depression, so all of the time bassically) I start to get what I can only describe as withdraw. I sweat heavily, I get cold and hot flashes, I get fevers and aches in my body. It feels like a tention migraine but it's in every single artery throbbing to the beat of my heart. It ends up being followed up by really bad thoughts and I ended up cutting an
  4. My soulmate killed himself awhile back, ever since I've been throwing myself into a new relationship as soon as one ended. This i know isn't healthy and i know that, each relationship ended in the same way, me being too distant, too sad and just stress causing. I have finally meet the person i want to spend my life with, but i cause him so much stress and lately I've been reminded of my soulmate so much and I've been neglecting my boyfriend. Should i tell him? Should i force myself to be okay? its been about 4 years...it's killing me and i know it's killing him and he wants to help but it obvi
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