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  1. Forget about him! A lot of people (men and women) do this to get an ego boost. Its feels good to be wanted by someone who they can dismiss at any time. Stop contacting him and ignore him if he does. He will never respect you nor will you ever have commitment from him.
  2. I wouldn't be ok w/that because that relationship between the two of them looks like more then just a friendship. As much as you may not want to think about it, but they both might have each other where needs aren't fulfilled (their partners are long distance).
  3. I'm someone who requires committed relationships, I'm not into the hookup scene at all (no judgement for others, just my personal thing). That would bother me a great deal, just the having sex while getting to know me. This would tell me they aren't ready for a real relationship. Sex w/the ex would bother me even more. I feel if you are ready for a relationship w/someone new, there should absolutely no contact or ties w/an ex (except where kids are involved).
  4. In my experience "breaks" never work. No person (guy or woman) that loves you is going to need to take a break. Nothing gets solved and that'll just make you drift farther apart. Breaks are either to distance slowly or an excuse to sleep w/other people.
  5. So my bf is invited to a work party or something this weekend. Super disappointing for me as the weekend is pretty much the bulk of our time together. We see each other during the week, but only for a short period of time. I guess I'm a little more disappointed that he didn't ask. Whenever I'm invited somewhere (wedding, outing etc), I always ask if I can bring my bf. Thoughts?
  6. I was the dumper in my 1st relationship. I really cared about my ex, but he hurt me a lot and I wasn't going to take it anymore. He may have thought of me as uncaring or shallow, but I suffered a lot sadness during the 1st couple of months. Just because you leave someone doesn't mean that doesn't hurt the "dumper".
  7. This would rub me the wrong way. How is cuddling w/an ex helping him feel like his friend is still alive? Makes absolutely no sense. Bottom line he cheated on you and in the future he might again, depending on the level of temptation. People have loved ones die all the time, they don't end up cuddling and kissing w/an ex.
  8. He does not love you. I cannot imagine not talking to someone I love for 10-20 days. He isn't committed and never will be. I know its hard letting go (I've been there). Once the hurt of the break up is gone, you will have the opportunity to meet someone else. I struggled w/long distance where the guy didn't commit and being w/a committed guy is a heck f a lot better.
  9. Personally I don't believe in space and feel like its a way to break up w/out actually having to break up. When someone wants space or makes excuses not to be w/you, pestering is the worst thing you can do. More so worse because you are destroying your own dignity and worth by chasing that person. I've done the chasing before only to end up single and feeling dumb for going for someone who doesn't deserve me. You either want to be together or you don't, there isn't a grey area. I wish you all the luck and what he is doing to you is really hurtful. Take your time healing and concentrate on
  10. These incidents happened when he was an adult, though he has always been this way. He also relished when my dad would lecture me and would give more ammunition for the lecture.
  11. Ok I'm curious. Everyone has always told me that I'm too sensitive and what my brother does is normal sibling behavior. I can be oversensitive, but I'm really weary when my brother comes to visit. Its almost like he has 2 personalities, a nice one and a mean one. A lot of times I don't know which one will come out. He tells me mean things (not jokingly): has told me I'm fat, stupid, ugly etc. He drove me to tears because I used his toothpaste, the insults he hurled at me were very painful, this happened years ago, but I am terrified of what he can say next. This isn't the only incident.
  12. Do not feel embarrassed about that. I used to think guys had to make the 1st move, but I have stepped out of my own comfort zone. Not all those experiences ended badly. I met my bf online, I sent the 1st message and initiated the 1st date. Keep doing what you are doing, just don't pester if the guy doesn't text you. Honestly he doesn't sound interested and if the text goes unanswered he def isn't.
  13. This is very true. When I was doing online dating, I wanted to meet the person right away to see if we were compatible. If they stalled meeting me, I concluded they were either uninterested or had something to hide. He may have not felt chemistry, which can happen.
  14. I do live w/my family. My family actually barely knows him outside of the gatherings, so there isn't motive there. I do regret saying anything to my family.
  15. So I'm in a relationship. A guy I've known for awhile (family friend) asked me to a concert, just me and him. I said no because I respect my bf. My family thinks I'm dumb for not socializing and networking, but I see it as a loyalty issue, esp since it could be hinted as a date. Thoughts? I love being social and I do talk to other people. It absolutely pisses me off that my family hints I'm being anti social by doing this.
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