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Stood me up then apologised?


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Me and this guy who work on the same floor had been having small talk in the kitchen for months till he finally managed to get my number, since then we'd been texting non stop everyday (for about half a month now) and been out for lunch a few times, all times I offered to go halves but he refused to let me


He then asked to see me outside of lunch breaks so we arranged to go to drinks last weekend which would be our first date outside of work, he initially asked to meet at 7/8 and I suggested 6 instead - it then came to Saturday & I hadn't heard from him by 3pm and the messages I'd sent from the night before only had one tick so I started to wonder if we were still on for meeting.


By the afternoon my messages sent had two ticks but it was about 5pm so I gave him a call and it went straight to VM, I then didn't hear anything/get a call back till Sunday night at about midnight with a long paragraph about how he got stuck in the snow in a different town and he's very sorry and he wants to make it up to me & that he hopes I had a good weekend regardless.


Not sure what to do in this situation?! We get on really well & have chemistry, he's also been a gentleman whenever we have gone out together etc & haven't kissed yet or anything but Saturday was the day I felt like more could have happened with us - I haven't replied to his message yet but have seen him around at work and stuff (he doesn't work in the same company as me), what do I do? I feel very disrespected and even a text on the day would have been fine but I am stuck in two minds because to be fair he hadn't been on his phone all weekend etc please advise

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Well, was it snowing on that day? If it was a perfectly clear day when he stood you up, then he was being rude in not contacting you. If it was snowing, then it's possible he got stuck in the snow and it took him all day to get home. You left that part out of your story.


I would give him another chance. Unless he's afraid of a relationship, guys get distracted with doing things, fixing things, making things, in this case getting his car unstuck. Tell him he can make it up to you by taking you out this weekend.

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