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Will my ex ever realize I adored him

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I don't know your situation, but I do remember you posting and being quite down.

Know that even with the worst breakups, there are still good times and memories that are reflected upon by each person.

I believe people ultimately do know how you cared for them if actions proved it. But at the end of the day, it's still necessary to push forward and not hold onto hope and the past. I do hope you find peace and comfort from within.

Youll realize in time the feelings of love change and even fade.

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I would say yes. Yes he does from time to time of course remember the good times with fondness and know how much you loved him. You sound like a good woman. Give yourself some credit.


I have no evidence for making this statement other than my pyscho ex from a decade ago, who I now have a civilised friendship with, had a moment of weakness recently and admitted as much to me. Its just a visceral sensation really. She was so bad, that although I am not aware of your back story, he would have to have been very very bad indeed to reach her level. So I agree with sweetgirl. I also agree with HollyJ - I addressed the co-dependence arising from depression (me)/narcissism (her), by getting fit, getting out there and dating again (took me a year) and becoming the man I wanted to be.


Best I can do, but I hope it helps.

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I just want to know will he ever realize that i adored him?


It's not that he doesn't realize that you loved him, it's that he doesn't value love. There's a big difference. Trying to love someone who doesn't value love is like trying to contain water in a cup full of holes. You need to find a companion who values you. Don't settle.

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