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  1. How much to buy the site? Pretty easy question guys. I guess we are talking six figures, so lets chat. There is one thing though. That moderror named Kammuurj? Are you actually playing him, and if so why? You need to sack him before anyone will engage with such an arrogant self important . He is a big downer on the value of this web site.
  2. There are various ways to contribute to the site
  3. "Careful, he might hear you." But don't pull your punches. Who knows, maybe this place will get more reasonable moderators. Maybe I'll be back.
  4. I can't go there. I just can't comment, sorry. By the way. I think engaging with other posters is great, and good fun. I think you are a great poster and would love to disagree with you and debate it. But I am not allowed to do that.
  5. OP, I agree with DF, which means there is no way you should just junk this guy, give him a chance. I think posters who come in here and tell you to reject him "because the girl shouldn't ask three times woo woo", with no consideration of the objective facts on what you report, are just trying to impose their own emotional expierences and anger on you. Not to mention their learned views of what we all be looking like, playing happy familys. Please be your own person.
  6. Oh man, do you love this lady, and want you babies with her... then you go all in. Just do it. I did. It didn't work out in the end. We got divorced. The oldest is about 20 ish, sitting on my sofa right now, watching Pulp Fiction. Drinking some beer and eating pizza. It is outstanding in every way. Hell, if his mother was here we might all just eat some pizza, have a larf, and get on with life. A man should have children, and be responsible for them. Get on with it.
  7. So she should ask now? Or is he playing "the game" wrong. Not her turn? So turn away and lose the opportunity forever? is that your advice?
  8. I am sorry Holly, I am no longer allowed to respond specifically/directly to other poster's posts in any way that might be construed as disagreement or rudeness.
  9. Yes please, do this. Do not go with the knee jerk wave-him-off reaction that posters have been quite wrongly telling you.
  10. We're talking twice, and maybe the lady taking the lead a little. Come on Bats, not much risk and the reward could be magnificent. She needs to pop it out there. If its a no go, she moves on. Nothing much lost.
  11. I think that is a good thing to do. This could be a great family unit, and the OP could be the best, gentlest father who ever held his baby. Mate, you are going to get criticized, no matter what you do. Posters here will do it with their usual knee jerk reactions. Tough it out buddy. Do it for your child. Don't die wondering.
  12. Please don't feel bludgeoned into destroying your marriage by any strident posts on this thread. Take into account not only your partners' behavior - but also your own. Ask yourself this question: "Are those posters unknowingly projecting their own relationship disappointments on to me?" Do not do something now that you will come to regret.
  13. I miss Katrina1980. Shes said her piece, you agreed or not. She didn't go running to the monitors and whining if she had a disagreement. Katrina1980 was a good poster.
  14. TD, it is what it is and they are trying to make a go of it. I hope they can. I think they should give it a go.
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