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I want to see him again but I feel like we’re both afraid of sending the first text


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Hey guys. So last Friday I went clubbing with some friends and I don’t usually go out that often, so when I do, I try to have the most fun possible and that’s what I did. So my friend and I were dancing and there was this guy (let’s call him Shane) who kept looking at her. After a couple of minutes he began dancing with her and I suddenly felt someone behind me as well (let’s call him Dan) so my friend and I both danced and laughed with them and for the first time since I go out, I felt a strong connection with Dan and found him really cute too. Fast forward to the end of the evening, another guy (let’s call him Greg) makes a move on me and asks for my snapchat. I wasn’t that interested but I find it rude to say no so I gave it and didn’t give much thought to it. Little did I know that Greg was in fact friends with Dan and Shane. When I gave my snapchat to Greg, I could see Dan (so the guy I danced and talked with in the beginning) looking at me from a distance with a weird (or sad?) look on his face, probably because I was giving my snapchat user to his friend while in reality, I was into him. Anyways, the next day Greg sent me a message and asked me if I wanted to hang out next Friday. I told him I would but only if I could bring my friend and he his own friends. We talked briefly and and at one moment he gave me Dan’s snapchat and told me that if I wanted to add him I could and he would even put in a good word for me.


I’m quite a shy person so I didn’t like the idea so much but I added him anyway because yolo (lol). He accepted me after a few minutes and the next day he followed me of instagram. I followed him back but no one sent anything. The next morning I woke up and saw Dan had sent me a message. From there on, we talked the entire day without interrupting and it felt really good. He told me he was a little disappointed when I was talking to Greg because he didn’t dare asking for my snapchat in the first place. The difference between Dan and Greg is huge; Dan is attentive and genuinely curious as to what I like and dislike or what kind of person I am in general whereas Greg kept asking me to hang out or send pictures etc. Now here is where I need advice. Today we didn’t talk, which I’m not whining about because I’m not the type to talk every single day or stress out when we don’t, however, I want to know what I should do for Friday. Greg had proposed to meet up this Friday with his friends (Dan included) but we didn’t talk about it ever since. I stopped talking to Greg so I can’t ask him and we didn’t talk about it with Dan yesterday so I don’t even know if he’s aware of these plans. I really want to see him this Friday because I feel like I actually want to get to know him better and he seems pretty interested as well but I don’t want to ask him directly because I already made a “big” move by adding him on snapchat in the beginning (which is something I never do). If I ask Greg, I’d pass for a who keeps switching between the two. Should I just let it go, wait and see? I’m just afraid if I do no one will send anything anymore because I’ve noticed that we’re both kind of shy and reserved people so maybe no one dares sending the first text. What should I do?

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Oh, please! Send Dan a text and tell him how much you're looking forward to seeing him this Friday! And flirt with him over the next couple of days, like asking leading questions about him what kind of girls he likes and what kinds of things he likes to do. Tell him the types of things you like to do. Keep the channel open and you'll have a great time this Friday.

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In my mind, if you want something you go get it. It sounds like he likes you and you like him, but as you are BOTH shy, nothing is going to happen. You are going to end up going out with Greg, because he was willing to cross the gap between you both and ask you out.


This will likely lead to you being unsatisfied with Greg and complaining that 'Why do I always end up with the douches?'

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If a guy is not asking you out, he's not interested. Go out fri with your friends and enjoy being single and playing the field.

He accepted me after a few minutes and the next day he followed me of instagram. I followed him back but no one sent anything. The next morning I woke up and saw Dan had sent me a message.
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