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Sounds stupid but I can’t get over my cats


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Hi again,

So I have a few post on here explaining my situation and how me ex has our cats cause I can’t have them in my current living situation.


I miss them so much. It’s at a point where I’m crying over them and not my ex. I’m sorry if this sounds stupid but I really did love them so much. I felt such a connection with both of them especially the girl one. She would always sleep right next to my head at night.


I’m so upset about this cause the cats did nothing wrong. I’m sure my ex is treating them right but I’m sad to think that they may be missing me or wondering where I am. Please reassure me that I’m not crazy and missing an animal like this is normal.


I never had cats before them and I’ve never had to lose an animal before and this is just so hard. I know I could take at least one cat with me if I could. But I’m just frustrated that my ex gets to have both.


I had to rearrange my whole life after the breakup while he doesn’t have to do anything. I just really miss them. It hurts so much and is making this breakup extra difficult.


I know I already posted a little about this but today it just really got to me. I was so tempted to go over and see them but I feel like that hurts me more in the long run. I’m just so sad.

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You are in no way crazy. This is very normal to miss every aspect of your life before the break up. These are living loving animals that meant a lot to you. I think it may be a good thing to miss them more than your ex right now. :)


Keep busy and your mind on the future it can and will get brighter. Stay no contact if possible and keep working on yourself.



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