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I'm a mature 21 yo adult with priorities set straight. I'm pretty experienced when I comes to dating I know the dos and don'ts when meeting a new girl. But with this girl it was all different I just did the opposite. I feel it was a combination of me actually liking this girl. Which is something that hasn't happened in along time. Also our age gap. It's 3 years, but I feel I didn't take that in to consideration.

I started a new job about about two months ago where I met this very beautiful girl. She seemed like the "stuck up" kind. Turns out it's just RBF. Didn't matter I was crushing hard.

I finally decided to talk to her. I get some small talk here and there. We end up talking more one night after work. She's 18 and got in trouble for being home late. So since then she goes straight home after work. I asked her to get dinner with me to which she agreed.

During dinner a lot of back and forth asking questions. Getting to know each other. She is a very quiet person and I am too. So of course I tried to do most of the talking. I feel I talked too much but I didn't want to just sit there in an awkward silence. After dinner we had no plans. Normal me would come up with something on the spot to do. But with her I just threw all my experience out the window.

We end up driving around and talking. Not too awkward until I missed the turn to her house. I drop her off. Drive back home. This is where I myself facepalm. I texted her if I could see her again. I go hours with out a reply. So I text her again. Asking if I had did something wrong. She went on to say I'm fine and that yes we could.

After that we started texting more and more frequently. But at work we wouldn't talk and if we held a conversation it would be very small talk. So that was weird to me.

We end up talking late one night and once again I make a wrong move....I confess I have a crush on her. She tells me that she just stopped taking to her ex so she is not looking for something serious at the moment. I accept it. We push it to the side and keep talking normally.

A couple of weeks go by but I want to talk to her in person more cuz I feel this good friends when texting is getting weird to me. So I ask her if she wants to go out to a local town festival. She said she'd think about it. I let her sit on it until the week of. I followed up with asking if she wanted to go on that follow up date.

That's when it went down hill fast. She didn't like the word date. She said she was still getting over her ex. And if me having a crush on her would be an issue we should just not talk at all. I asked her to disregard the comment. That would also not pressure her about stuff like that. She said it was fine, and we keep on talking for about a day. Then she just stopped texting back.

Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to reach out and mess things up more. Or if I should say something.

Any advice...

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I will be blunt. You did absolutely nothing wrong! I think she's just not that into you. As the motto goes: You dodged a bullet!


You can't make anyone like you. Unless you do something horribly wrong like insult her, there are no wrong moves when two people like each other. Confessing you have a crush on her only backfires if she's not that into you. If she was, she'd be head over heels with that confession. You can mark this up as another experience and especially since you said you treated her differently. I do wonder how you treat the others though.

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Yes. Maybe I should I accept it as that. Will be a challenge since I'll be seeing her at work.

By different, I meant I didn't have the confidence I usually have. With previous I've know what to say and do. Charming personality. Not here just a blank mind.

But I think I'll just lay low for a while. Not expect anything. Try to carry on like that if she's not into me.

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