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I lost Contact With A Potential Lover


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He never told me his full name but I know his description and places where he would be located. Should I find him. I waas in a relationship with a person who spoke to other girls all the time. Thinking that I could do the same thing, he tracked my phone calls and text messages without me knowing and I lost contact with someone I could have married in the future. Should I hired a private investagtor to do surviellance to find him even if it takes me years to do so??


The one I was with for eight years doesn't want anything to do with me anymore once he found out I was trying to be like him.


Is a private investigator worth the money.

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Why track a man who's name you don't even know? How long did you even know him for?

What was the dynamic you had which you feel you could have married him? And how long has

it been since you had contact? Do you not have a number you could reach him by? Or did you try

that and found the number is no longer his?


There are lots of single men in this world that you won't have to hire a private investigator to locate, lol.

Get out and mingle!

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Uhhhh. Listen to yourself, here. This is basically the beginning of every stalker movie/book EVER.


Why not focus on finding someone new, getting to know them, enjoying their company and also working on yourself? Seems like a much better option. Instead of investing in a private investigator... maybe some therapy instead.

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