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Can someone give their opinion on this?


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So first time since my breakup last year that I am actually interested in a certain girl. Asked her out on a first date, all went well. Asked her out on a second date which was to my cousin's concert, again, she came and all went well. She invited me to her place for a house party for new year's eve. Last week asked her out on a third date, despite being busy the whole week she made time and we went out and all was well. I bumped into her two days before our third date and she reminded me about our date. Also during the third date she mentioned that she's not talking to any other guy and that she cares about me and made mention about further dates.


Now because of a certain reason I'm having trouble knowing if she's into me or not. She takes a really long time to answer my texts despite her seeing them. She has always replied until last night while we were talking I asked her something (might have asked her before) and she didn't answer. Her friends told me that she always takes a while to answer and sometimes forgets to answer/doesn't answer.


But I have a few good things going for me. Like she texted me before my last exam wishing me luck, texted me after midnight for my birthday, and during the last date she mentioned she had to leave in ten minutes but ended up staying an hour extra.


What do you think about this and what should I do? I'm really confused and don't know how to go about handling the situation.

This has been stressing me out so much for the past weeks.


She travelled yesterday night and comes back in ten days.

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OMG, another person writing in that their bf/gf didn't immediately text them back within 2 mins and now the entire relationship is over! Dude, relax. People are actually out in the real world doing things, talking with their friends, eating, walking, driving, working, watching TV. They can't always text you back immediately. And maybe you didn't say anything interesting to text back. Sometimes I don't even hear the ping on my phone when my wife is texting me. Just calm down.

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If she's not responding to texts, I would not recommend calling.


Not sure why some people advise that; if someone isn't replying to a text, they sure as heck aren't going to answer the phone either.


Personally I can't stand when men "call" me unless it's an emergency. Text or email and I will reply back when I can.


I agree with DanZee. Relax! Stop judging her interest level on how quickly she responds to a text message. It's crazy.


Is she accepting your date invites? Is she enthusiastic on dates? Does she initiate sometimes?


If so, then she's interested.


Forget text messaging, you'll drive yourself crazy.

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She sounds interested to me.


Plenty of people do not love being glued to their phones and take a while to reply. She might be busy, or she might simply be trying to play it a little cool and not appear overly eager. She might indeed open a message, get distracted by something, and forget to reply. She might have typed a reply and inadvertently not sent it (I have been guilty of that myself, when tired or busy doing something else)


As the others have said, don't put so much emphasis on texting habits. It doesn't appear as though it's a reflection of her interest level at this point.

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