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Just wondering how many women would be mad if this happened to you


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Went out with my new boyfriend for new years. We want out with a few of his coworkers. A lady in paticular that works with him kept asking my boyfriend personal questions all night long..She's married and her husband was sitting right next to her..I could tell he was getting upset too. At midnigmidnigh the lady jumped up out of her seat to take a new years selfie with my boyfriend. It pissed me off. She totally ignored her husband to be next to my boyfriend.

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Same guy as in this thread?




He cheated on you in the past, then blamed his cheating on the fact that you got upset that he cheated? And he wanted to make sure you are ok with him regularly going to exotic clubs? And he talks about his ex too much for your comfort?


Sounds like there is more going on here for you than a little upset at a flirting co-worker. Sounds like it's possible there is more insecurity on your part here, driven by his past infidelities and the fact that you realize he's not faithful, so this co-worker crossing a boundary (which, yes, she definitely did) struck more of a nerve than if you were in a healthy, secure relationship.

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I would have been the who photo bombed the pic, lol


Seriously, if he was annoyed, should you worry about it?

Her husband should be upset.


If this is the guy that LHGirl posted the thread about, then I have to ask why you are with him.


If not, trust until there's no reason to.

Are you exclusive? How long have you been together?

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