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I finally did it. After almost 3 months and the new year upon us. After hearing how much she's sorry and hearing how she loved me and missed me while being with someone else. After dealing with her mom and telling her mom to off. After dealing with the pain and my own issues. She found out I went on a date a couple weeks ago and questioned why I was trying so hard with someone else and didn't fight like this for our relationship and begging me to remain friends with her. I told her no to friends and walked not completely but enough. Not even a week goes by and she's asking things. Asking why I was talking about her on Facebook (I wasn't, she wasn't even in the conversation) I didn't even reply, I looked at it thought how childish and inmature are you to even care about, what I do or who I talked. I took a little bit of time.....I made my peace with the situation in front of me. Determine my next course of action is for the best for my happiness and my dogs happiness. I walked out the door completely, blocked her from everything, blocked her gf, deleted all mutual friends who I felt like are spying or who are closer to her than me. Blocked her from Facebook, all four Instagram accounts, snapchat, and her phone number. I am a bit curious but not enough to want to care anymore. More so know that she will end up hurting more in the long run like I hurt in the beginning. I completely walked. The door is closed the wind of change is knocking for me in 2018, I can feel it, she will not be apart of it. Just me and the dog and our house. Our home if you will. It's not easy doing it but it needed to be done, everyone on here, my co workers, my family, some of my friends all said I need to let go and to move on. So on the last day of 2017, I say goodbye Shay, this is the end of us and the beginning of new chapter for me and Mishka. Happy new year to all, on a side note I have a date later tonight lol

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