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Is he jealous that she's spending time with family over Christmas?


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So, a friend of mine asked me for advice. She got into an argument with her boyfriend recently. She's currently seeing family over Christmas - his family don't celebrate it . She's quite close to her family. (She doesn't often see them, cause of uni) He sends her a WhatsApp message telling her he's going to Manchester with a friend, that he's being picked up in her car , that's he's almost there and he hasn't brought his phone charger with him , and he'll speak to her Friday night. She then receives a Snapchat message from him with a message telling her he's actually going into the city (where they both are staying for uni) doing errands . Then he turns his phone off. An hour later he puts his phone back on , but his whatsapp says he's online he's just muting her messages.


She then get's angry, swears at him. He then sends her a snapchat message saying that he's heartbroken, he'll see her around, and that he's deleting social media. Now both me and her sister thought he had ended it with her. Her sister messages asking for clarification about this and he tells her he's fine, but he thinks her sisters ill because of the way she's reacting. She wasn't ill or anything. She's also spoken to his best friend about this too on the advice off her sister.


He then tells her sister that it's cause he was sensitive to her swearing at him. His family used to do it a lot at him, and he has never sworn at her. Her sister tells him to have a chat with her. Whilst her sister is next to her , she gets a message on her snap saying "drama drama, and that trust is broken " cause she was speaking to her sister and his best friend. (What is she supposed to do she genuinely thought he had ended it with her)


Fast forward to the day she goes to see more family, he tells her he's going to manchester with a load of laughing emojis, after she asked him what are his plans.

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Well, does your friend have nothing better to do than monitor her boyfriend 24 hours a day? The guy says he's running around town doing errands. He turns his phone off to preserve the charge. He turns his phone back on for a while and she's angry because he didn't immediately text her on SnapChat? He's doing stuff with friends. That's what guys do when their girlfriends aren't around. But she's the girlfriend who leaves but doesn't leave. She's trying to control him even though she's not physically with him.


Christmas doesn't have anything to do with it. Your friend has to learn to give guys a little breathing room and not have them on a leash! She should have been enjoying her time off with family while he enjoys his time off with his friends. It's crazy to think a guy has nothing to do but text her all day and all night long! She's flipping out because her bf turns off his phone. Sheesh!

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