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Do I just give up and walk away?


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I met up with my ex the other day, it was great, we laughed, we flirted and then we kissed at the end. He text me when I left to say thanks for such a great time, and that he wants to see me soon.


Fast foward two days, we've text the odd few times, I asked him if we should hook up, he said yes we will arrange something tomorrow, tomorrow comes, nothing gets arranged and now it's another day and again nothing mentioned. I won't re-ask him again as I feel as though I put myself out there already.


He's taking ages to respond to my messages also, but today he did text first.


Do I just sit this one out or give up and walk away? It's so hard, I was never fully over him and I kind of got my hopes up that the kiss etc was the start of a reconciliation between us.


My heads saying walk away but my heart always pulls me back.

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Well, he's showing you he's still a jerk. Just because he flirted with you kissed you doesn't mean much. It's just sort of what guys do. Think about what caused you to break up and why. Is he doing the same things even when he should be on his best behavior? Yeah, you probably want to move on.

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He's grooming you to long for him by giving and then taking away.


He may not be doing it consciously even but it's a pick up artist tactic to get himself firmly in your thoughts while being anxiety ridden because he's aloof and not showing you value. When he does call/contact/see you, you're overwhelmed with relief that he still has some interest in you.


Don't let him do that to you. Wait until he contacts you again (don't hold your breath or anticipate just get on with your life without him) and when he suggests you get together make sure you meet somewhere where YOU won't just fall into bed with him and you have a conversation with him about why he is coming into your life again, did he want to reconcile and try with one another again? If his answer is no or I'm not ready for a relationship or anything that relates to not committing to you, you then tell him well you can't do FWB and leave.


You will shred your own heart if you start having uncommitted sex with him while he dates and looks for others to do.


If he is game to restart your relationship in an exclusive and committed manner then ~ Yeah! anything less is you not valuing yourself so why should he value you?

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I met up with my ex the other day, it was great, we laughed, we flirted and then we kissed at the end. He text me when I left to say thanks for such a great time, and that he wants to see me soon.



How did your meet up come to be? Did he contact you wanting to see you or did you contact him?


Who broke up with whom and how long have you been broken up?


If he contacted you what did he say to convince you to see him?


All this is relevant and your answers will help me respond better.


Short of that I tend to agree with TwT. He's push/pulling you for the reasons TwT stated.


Except even if he does tell you he wants to get back together and have a RL, I would NOT be so quick to believe him.


Gauge his actions and play it out. Do not jump back into bed.


A man's true colors will show up eventually, so again be cautious and see how it plays out.

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Run! Go hang with your friends and family that love you and will be happy to see you. Meet new people. Don't bother with him anymore! There is a world full of people! Go focus on anyone else! you'll be glad when you look back and made a good decision.


I was on and off with this guy - in May after he was a jerk for the umpteenth time. I told him do not contact me again. BEST MOVE OF MY LIFE!DATED SOME OTHER JERKS AND MET A GREAT GUY WHEN I LEAST EXPECTED IT!



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