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Partner wants to get an std check

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So when my girlfriend and I got together she wanted to get herself tested after having sex with me for the first time, which she did and she came out clear, which is good news.


Fast forward roughly 2 years and she says again "im gonna get tested for std's again" and I was sitting there like "?? What do you mean? Youve been tested before."


I asked her if she trusts me and she said yes and i kept going on about it because if she trusts me there shouldnt be any reason to want to get tested again. I havent cheated ever, and the first test came out clear so Theres only one thing that could have happened but god forbid i ever accuse her or else i will be smited by the wrath of every devine power simultaneously.


She just keeps saying "no reason" and i think she even got angry at me for questioning her.


Like seriously there should be no reason to why she needs one? Right? And if i confront her again about it am i fair to question her more thoroughly about her faith towards me?

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She has broken my trust on a few occasions, the biggest one being she said she was hanging out with a friend (girl) in which she didnt go back to her house that night even though she had an important exam early the next day. and when i went to see her on a later in the year (we live very far apart) i found a photo of her with a guy and a girl and i asked her to tell me about it and she said she did hang out with him but didnt tell me because she was scared. Though she said she didnt cheat and because there is no evidence against that i took her word for it.


But my main trust issues come from my broken family, my dad and mom both cheated on each other, and that same thing happened between her and her next husband and growing up watching and hearing cheating really threw me on what relationships were supposed to be.


So that stuck with me threw a lot of relationships, i've never cheated but i was always scared i would be cheated on.


I know im probably not mentally ready for a relationship but i really love this girl and she has been supportive with my progress throughout this whole thing, though she comes out with things that really can't be ignored sometimes.


Sorry for the whole life story haha

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