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Why did they invite me only to reject me?


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I lived with two girls and one guy from Sept 2013- June 2014. We all gelled with each other immediately and formed a tight bond. I especially bonded with Girl 2 and we became very close from 2013-2016. Girl 1 and I got on but clashed due to the fact that we were similar and one drunken night we admitted to liking the guy we lived with. I managed to brush off my feelings for him as I did NOT wanna fall out with Girl 1 and found they had better chemistry and as it goes, neither of us ended up with him.


Late 2014 I ended up with a guy who I was in a 2 year relationship with and during this year, I became less attached to the three housemates. It ended in hell. I became very antisocial, unwell and generally independent. Fast forward to 2017, girl 1+2 remained close but added me to a group chat where we all seemed to form the strong bond again, I apologized for being elusive whilst with my ex and for MONTHS we have been chatting frequently, helping one another etc..these girls are very sweet, encouraging and genuine.


Recently Girl 2 (the one I was closest to) suggested we do all do a road trip along with the guy we lived with.. I was surprised as I felt we all hadn't met in a while and it may be awkward but, decided that I was lucky to have them both back after being distant. Girl 2 private messaged me 2 weeks ago with the date (this weekend) and said she was super excited but said no more details etc... They've both been quiet recently and tonight Girl 2 PERSONALLY snapped me a picture of the two girls getting ready in none other than the guys house.


I was hurt, but more confused at the gesture; me and the guy didn't speak in a year so I didn't care whether he wanted to see me or not but, after countless invites and conversation, I can't think what I did wrong?

After two hours of fighting tears I've told myself it's my fault for unintentionally distancing myself back in 2015/2016 or simply that "I'm not wanted". I didn't suggest this, neither did I dispute it...

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