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Is my girlfriend cheating?


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So i remember one time my girlfriend was gonna call a friend to her that was a girl she said, then she walked to the toilet. Then i walked past the toilett and I heard a guy voice from the toilett? Then on the evening i checked her phone calls list and I found that she really called the friend that was a girl around that time she walked to the toilett but why did i heard a guy voice Then? Maybe she called someone eller after and then deleted that call? Please help im worried

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Hard to say. Is this the only time you have heard this? It might have been her friend's father, brother or boyfriend who answered the phone because her friend was in the shower or something. It could have been the male voice of Siri or something like that.


Don't jump to conclusions based on one instance. Stop breaking her privacy by going through her phone. Beyond this do you think you have a reason to be paranoid?

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If I were in your shoes, I'd be direct and ask her about it. If she were lying to you, do you think she's trying to take advantage of you or protect you from yourself or is she embarrassed about something? Does it matter?


This situation seems like you both have trust issues. You think she is lying to you and you are violating her privacy to get some assurances about your doubts. These patterns don't tend to end very well for many couples.

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