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What does ''I want to pass time with you'' mean?


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Hey! i have been thinking lately i hang out with a guy who is extremely handsome and charismatic, but i had some suspicions so i asked what does he really want and he told me he wants to pass time with me, ( we get well very good, we have very nice chemistry and we like to be with eachother) he also told me that he wants to travel all around the world with me in 2 years and i would be his girlfriend(?) WHAT DOES '' I WANT TO PASS TIME WITH YOU'' means?

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This will sound weird, but what is his native language?

Was he telling you this in English, but has a different native tongue?


Otherwise, I'd say he either:


1) likes what you have now and is going slow

2) doesn't want a commitment and wants a casual dating experience until he figures things out

3) is going to break up somewhere down the line, and said he wants to travel in two years to keep

you hanging on for right now because he likes what he has

4) just has a terrible misuse of words lol


The only way to know is to ask him!!!

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^^ Good question about him being a native english speaker! I think "I want to spend time with you" is positive but "I want to pass time with you" is negative if he's a native english speaker. If he's not, then you might need to ask him some more questions about his intentions.

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If he is a time traveler from the 1940s, he means that he wants to make out with you - to make time with you. If he is not, its an awkward statement. Unless he is waiting in the doctor's office and wants to "pass the time" by talking to you. I would not take any offers of what he will do in two years seriously. It matters how he treats you right now. I think he means that he wants to occupy himself with you before the 2 year mark of when he is going to travel comes.

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