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Please help? Need some advice about Ex Bf/ Bestfriend / what to do?


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When my ex started dating me, he seemed completely in love with me. He showered me with love, compliments and affection. It was like this for 6 months. Until out of the blue he started becoming distant. I would always tell him and he denied it for a while until one day he realized it and apologized and started loving me again, i literally cried tears of joy. A week after that, something happend and out of NOWHERE he completely shut me out his life. Blocked me on everything, and no reason why. Just no contact, not even breaking up with me? So i assumed we were done. I tried contacting him for 3 days.. I got no answer. So i just quit.... And then he started texting my bestfriend. I continued no contact with him, even though he was "pouring his heart out" to my bestfriend sending her things like "I would treat you way better than i did my ex. I would never do you like i did my ex. I would spoil you and love you like i did with my ex." You get the point. After every sentence was "my ex". She showed me everything, too. It hurt so bad... About a week or 2 of me going to parties, crying, and smoking i decided to text him and I actually got a response! So we texted back and forth, he started to rub in my face how "happy" he was, and i just acted like i was happy myself. He added me on snapchat and texted back super fast, looking at my story and liking instagram pictures. We texted and he asked me to hang out the next day. Of course i said yes. But then the next day he blocked me again... but i ended up still hanging out with him...through my bestfriend. When he saw me he hugged me but the atmosphere of the scene seemed depressing. When he left he hugged me too and he unblocked me on snapchat again. I kept no contact with him until the next weekend. Thats when things started getting heated. Friday, the atmosphere seemed way happier and he seemed happy to talk to me, even sitting next to me and touching me. Saturday, we saw eachother again, but he didnt really want to talk to me. Sunday, he asked me to hang out. And as i saw him, he started kissing me. And he was HAPPY ABOUT IT. he kissed me multiple times, smiling hard through each kiss. And then we talked (and kissed more). But this is the weird thing.... "Did you miss me?" I asked. "No" he said. "Did you even think about me...?" I asked. "No" . but whenever i brought up other guys he acted jealous. And he tried to rub his happiness in my face again. So we kissed a lil more and he left.... And then hung out w my bestfriend and a bunch of her friends and blocked me when he did... I messaged him on instagram and he said "I dont with YOU." Which was weird of him to say... And then he blocked me. Im now on 4 days on NO CONTACT and i have no idea what to do. My bestfriend told me she wants nothing to do with him. When i asked her, for the final time, to stop hanging out w him she called me crazy and blocked me.... But ever since then i havent seen her or him with eachother. Please help, advice? How he feels? What should i do? Do i have a chance..?

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Why would you want a chance with someone who is rude and mean to you? I think you only want that because you don't want to face that someone could be so horrible to you and you're hoping he'll change his ways and treat you how you deserve to be treated. But guess what? This isn't your fault and his behaviour has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Nothing about you is going to change how horrible your ex is. He's a bad guy and you are just unlucky enough to be his victim.


When someone hurts you intentionally, it's foolish to wait around hoping they will apologise and be kind to you. The right thing to do is to tell them that their behaviour is unacceptable, and then to walk away from that person and never let them back into your life. That is how you reaffirm your value - he's not going to make you feel better. You have to make yourself feel better


Find some better friends who will stick up for you

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